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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1949 NO. 159 >
COLLECTION OF COSTS AGAINST STATE Costs against state must be collected by relief act if no statutory provision.                                                               - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                November 17, 1949 Honorable Donald
AGO 1949 NO. 160 >
SCHOOL SITE -- AUTHORITY TO BUILD ON DONATED PROPERTY Original school site, plus addition selected by vote, plus gift area, was intended by district electors to constitute a single school site.  An authorization to construct upon site legally selected by electors, includes permission to build on
AGO 1949 NO. 161 >
CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES Legislature may change boundaries of existing congressional districts. Precinct changes do not affect boundaries of congressional districts
AGO 1949 NO. 162 >
HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS -- FLUORIDATION OF WATER Department of Health is responsible that methods of fluoridation of water is not dangerous to users. Department of Health should promulgate and enforce rules pertaining to fluoridation of water
AGO 1949 NO. 163 >
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE -- MINORS -- EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS The requiring of minor applicant's birth place and submission of birth certificate as proof of age on Department of Labor and Industries form for employment permit is not an unfair employment practice
AGO 1949 NO. 164 >
PERSONS ENTITLED TO WORLD WAR II VETERANS' BONUS 1. The bonus may not be paid to the estate of a veteran of World War II who died after his discharge and before June 8, 1949. 2. The bonus is not payable to the surviving widower of a woman who died while in the federal military service. 3. The bonus
AGO 1949 NO. 165 >
FINES -- LIQUOR VIOLATIONS -- DISTRIBUTION TO CITIES AND COUNTIES Fines collected for violations of the state liquor laws by a justice of the peace who is also a police judge should be remitted to the city wherein that court is seated and all other fines should be distributed to the county wherein
AGO 1949 NO. 166 >
FORESTRY -- PROTECTION OF NON-FOREST LANDS Division of Forestry cannot undertake the protection of non-forest lands by contract.                                                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                November 25,
AGO 1949 NO. 167 >
SALE OF SECURITIES IN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Washington Public Service Commission approval is not a prerequisite to a valid sale and transfer by an existing stockholder to a prospective stockholder of common stock constituting the controlling interest of the public service corporation
AGO 1949 NO. 168 >
FISHERIES CODE -- DISPOSITION OF FINES 1. When a justice of the peace assesses the minimum fine and suspends a portion, the county should retain one half of the fine actually collected and remit one half to the state treasury. 2. The court has authority to suspend any portion of the minimum fine. 3