Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1950 NO. 199 > Jan 19 1950
REGISTERED STATE WARRANTS Outstanding warrants are not the measure of the state debt within the constitution.  The state treasurer has no responsibility to limit the number of warrants endorsed "not paid for want of funds."  Loans may be made from one fund to another by the treasurer with the
AGO 1950 NO. 200 > Jan 20 1950
ADAMS COUNTY JUDICIAL DISTRICT The 1949 statute providing that there shall be one judge in Adams County excludes Adams County from the judicial district formerly composed of Adams, Benton and Franklin Counties
AGO 1950 NO. 201 > Jan 23 1950
JUNIOR COLLEGE -- G.I. BILL -- TUITION Junior Colleges in the state may receive tuition payments from Veterans' Administration at non-resident rate even though resident students are recipients of the schools' services
AGO 1950 NO. 202 > Jan 23 1950
ANNEXATION OF NEW TERRITORY BY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS AND STATUS OF PHYSICALLY SEGREGATED PORTIONS OF ORIGINAL DISTRICT (1) A fire protection district may not legally annex areas which are located from one half to one and one quarter miles from the boundaries of the original district. (2) Tracts
AGO 1950 NO. 203 > Jan 23 1950
PROPERTY TAXATION -- INTEREST RATE -- EFFECT OF AMENDMENT OF STATUTE Interest chargeable on delinquent property taxes is computed at time of payment and at rate then in effect
AGO 1950 NO. 204 > Jan 24 1950
CONTRIBUTIONS FOR SUPPORT OF JUVENILES COMMITTED TO THE STATE TRAINING SCHOOLS 1. Contributions for support of juveniles committed to state training schools may be made directly to the Department of Public Institutions, even though the court order may not specifically so provide. 2. The Department
AGO 1950 NO. 205 > Jan 24 1950
LEASING LAND WITHIN STATE PARKS State Park and Recreation Commission has authority to lease land within a state park to a private company for the purpose of building a hotel
AGO 1950 NO. 206 > Jan 25 1950
COLUMBIA RIVER BOUNDARY LINE BETWEEN OREGON AND WASHINGTON The construction of "The Dalles Celilo Locks" in the Columbia River did not change the boundary lines between the states of Washington and Oregon
AGO 1950 NO. 207 > Jan 25 1950
REAL ESTATE BROKERS -- DUTIES OF -- COMMISSION OF -- WHEN EARNED -- DEFINITION OF "CLOSED" TRANSACTION A. A real estate broker's commission is earned upon his supplying a purchaser ready, willing and able to buy according to seller's terms, and upon completing duties called for in the earnest money
AGO 1950 NO. 208 > Jan 27 1950
RETAIL SALES TAX -- SALES TO STATE OF WASHINGTON -- SALES TO STATE PRINTER Retail Sales Tax should be paid by the State Printer upon the charge made for printing work done for it by private firms on contract therewith, said work being for use of State Departments