Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1950 NO. 289 > Jun 28 1950
COUNTY TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITALS. County tuberculosis hospitals cannot place employees under jurisdiction of the state personnel board.                                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                    June 28
AGO 1950 NO. 290 > Jun 28 1950
FUNDS OF DECEASED PATIENTS IN PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. Department of public institutions is permitted to retain funds belonging to deceased patients for a reasonable period of time providing a report is made to the department immediately.  No funds or property belonging to a deceased patient should be
AGO 1950 NO. 291 > Jun 29 1950
POWER OF THE STATE TO REQUIRE PERSONAL AND BOAT REGISTRATION LICENSES OF THOSE LANDING FISH IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON WHICH WERE TAKEN IN THE OFFSHORE WATERS. The State of Washington, in the absence of federal regulation, may require personal fishing licenses and boat registration licenses of
AGO 1950 NO. 292 > Jun 30 1950
USE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY FOR FURNISHING INFORMATIONAL MATERIAL TO THE PUBLIC. A school board is without statutory power to authorize printing by a school print shop of informational material concerning the school program. The circulation of informational material by paid employees during hours of
AGO 1950 NO. 293 > Jun 30 1950
STREET LIGHTING -- CONTRIBUTION BY COUNTY IN AID OF INSTALLATION OF STREET LIGHTS IN FRONT OF COURT HOUSE. County commissioners are not authorized to budget for contribution to city in aid of installation of street lighting system in front of county court house, but if a local improvement district
AGO 1950 NO. 294 > Jul 5 1950
THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Under the facts submitted, it is the belief of the Attorney General that Irby School District No. 107 is bounded on three or more sides by Odessa School District No. 105, both in Lincoln County, Washington
AGO 1950 NO. 295 > Jul 5 1950
COMPULSORY RETIREMENT OF CITY EMPLOYEES HOLDING MEMBERSHIP IN THE STATE WIDE [[STATEWIDE]]CITY EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM. After two years have elapsed from the date upon which a city makes membership in the Statewide City Employees Retirement System available to its employees, miscellaneous
AGO 1950 NO. 296 > Jul 6 1950
MAY ENLISTED PERSONNEL BE INCLUDED ON NATIONAL GUARD COURTS-MARTIAL? Enlisted personnel may be included on national guard courts-martial in the same manner and under the same conditions as provided for the regular army
AGO 1950 NO. 297 > Jul 6 1950
WHETHER THE GAME COMMISSION MAY FORBID THE IMPORTATION OF DANISH TROUT. The State Game Commission may not forbid the importation of Danish trout as the same would be unconstitutional in view of the Federal Constitution and would not be for the purpose of aiding the state in its enforcement of
AGO 1950 NO. 298 > Jul 7 1950
CIVILIAN DEFENSE. Moneys appropriated under chapter 88, Laws of 1949, cannot at this time be spent for the purposes you mention.                                                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                      July 7,