Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1950 NO. 219 > Feb 17 1950
WASHINGTON STATE FRUIT COMMISSION -- AUTHORITY TO ACT IN COORDINATION WITH OTHER STATE AGENCIES --RELIEF WORKERS ON PROJECT COVERED BY WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION ACT (1) The Washington State Fruit Commission, in the exercise of its function to promote the production and general welfare of the soft tree
AGO 1950 NO. 220 > Feb 20 1950
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS --  POWER TO INCREASE ANNUAL APPROPRIATION FOR "SALARIES AND WAGES" BY EMERGENCY RESOLUTION County Commissioners in the exercise of their discretion may by emergency resolution declare that a public emergency exists and appropriate additional funds to the general class of "
AGO 1950 NO. 221 > Feb 21 1950
SCHOOLS -- DATES TO BE SET FOR ANNUAL MEETINGS The first annual meeting for organization of school boards in first class districts shall be held in April in class A and 1st class counties, and in March in all other counties.  In 2nd and 3rd class districts such annual meeting shall be held on the
AGO 1950 NO. 222 > Feb 21 1950
ELECTIONS -- JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICTS Date and jurisdiction of joint school district elections is determined by use of statutory formula for determining to which one of several counties the district belongs
AGO 1950 NO. 223 > Feb 21 1950
SCHOOLS -- PAYMENT OF SALARY OF SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT WHEN WRITTEN CONTRACT NOT RENEWED Payment of superintendent of school's salary can be approved and made without a formal written consent
AGO 1950 NO. 224 > Feb 23 1950
NOTARIZATION OF VETERANS' BONUS APPLICATION BLANKS It is illegal for a notary public to make a charge for notarizing a veteran's bonus application blank
AGO 1950 NO. 225 > Feb 27 1950
DISPOSAL OF ASSETS OF BANK REMAINING AFTER LIQUIDATION The assets of the Sumitomo Bank of Seattle remaining in the custody of the liquidating authority may be received by the Supervisor of Banking, all as provided in chapter 148, Laws of 1947
AGO 1950 NO. 226 > Feb 27 1950
TAXATION -- PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX -- CHARGING LIEN AGAINST REAL PROPERTY OF TAXPAYER -- PRIORITY AS AGAINST PRIOR ENCUMBRANCES, RECORDED AND UNRECORDED (1) The county treasurer has no duty to search available records for encumbrances upon real property being charged with unpaid personal property
AGO 1950 NO. 227 > Feb 28 1950
TAKING OF BLOOD TO TEST INTOXICATION OF ONE CHARGED WITH DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED -- WHETHER PRACTICE OF MEDICINE Since said blood test is not for the treatment of disease it does not violate the medical code and does not involve the practice of medicine.  Any law enforcement officer desiring said
AGO 1950 NO. 228 > Feb 28 1950
PROCESS CHARGES UNDER STATE MILITARY CODE Charges for Military Court processes authorized to be issued under the State Military Code and directed to civilian peace officers must be paid to such officers