Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1952 NO. 271 >
SALE OF HOUSES OR OTHER IMPROVEMENTS ON LAND PURCHASED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ACQUISITION OF RIGHTS OF WAY. Sales of houses or other buildings to be removed from land purchased for highway rights of way would not be legal under the provisions of chapter 185, Laws of 1937.  The Department of Highways
AGO 1952 NO. 272 >
PUBLICATION OF ORDINANCES OF THIRD CLASS CITIES.  PUBLICATION OF SUPERIOR COURT SUMMONS.  City of Moses Lake Ordinances may be published in the Columbia Basin Herald when directed by the city council of the City of Moses Lake.  Superior court summons may not be published in the Columbia Basin
AGO 1952 NO. 273 >
PAYMENT OF EXPENSES OF COUNTY TREASURER INCIDENT TO PERFORMANCE OF HIS DUTIES TOWARD IRRIGATION DISTRICTS. Expenses incurred by a county treasurer in performing the duties of his office as required by the statutes respecting irrigation districts may not be charged against said districts
AGO 1952 NO. 274 >
STATUS OF DISABLED STATE PATROLMEN. Compulsory retirement provisions of chapter 250, Laws of 1947, applies to members in active service and not to non-active [[nonactive]]members.  A disabled patrolman continues to receive his compensation under the provisions of chapter 215, Laws of 1943, as long
AGO 1952 NO. 275 >
SHERIFF'S DUTIES REGARDING ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE AS PUBLIC NUISANCES. Sheriff may cause animals running at large, which are not under the care of a herder, to be transported to the nearest community livestock sales yard even though the nearest such yard is in another county
AGO 1952 NO. 276 >
COUNTY EXCISE TAX ON SALES OF REAL PROPERTY, REFUNDS; INTEREST; FUNDS INVOLVED. In absence of statute or ordinance, refunds of the county real estate sales tax may only be made by court order and only if payment was nonvoluntary.  The county general fund is liable but reimbursable
AGO 1952 NO. 277 >
POWER OF GOVERNOR TO REMOVE APPOINTEE FROM VETERANS' REHABILITATION COUNCIL The Governor has power and authority to remove an appointee from the Veterans' Rehabilitation Council appointed for a fixed term
AGO 1952 NO. 278 >
PROPERTY OF RURAL LIBRARY DISTRICTS. Rural county library districts and inter-county [[intercounty]]rural library districts shall hold title to property in their own names
AGO 1952 NO. 279 >
SPECIAL ELECTION FOR FORMATION OF A PORT DISTRICT‑-MAY BE HELD WHEN. Special election for formation of a port district may be held on same date as state primary election
AGO 1952 NO. 280 >
TAXES, REAL ESTATE ‑- COUNTY EXCISE TAX ON SALE OF REAL PROPERTY ‑- TRANSFER OF REAL PROPERTY TO CORPORATION ‑- CORPORATIONS.  A partnership transfer of land to a corporation in which the partners have the same proportionate interest as in the partnership, for a consideration, is taxable