Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1952 NO. 281 >
DISSOLUTION OF A HOSPITAL DISTRICT. A public hospital district may be completely dissolved but may not be partially dissolved.                                                                  - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                     April 4, 1952
AGO 1952 NO. 282 >
AUTHORITY OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO RENT HEAVY SOIL MOVING EQUIPMENT TO SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICTS FOR USE ON INDIVIDUAL FARMS FOR CONTROL OF SOIL EROSION. Boards of soil conservation district supervisors may contract with boards of county commissioners for the use of heavy soil moving equipment
AGO 1952 NO. 283 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- BOARD OF DIRECTORS ‑- MEETINGS ‑- VOTING BY PROXY OR IN ABSENTIA. A member of the board of a first class school district may not act by proxy or in absentia, but must be personally present at a board meeting in order to participate in the proceedings of the board
AGO 1952 NO. 284 >
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION FEES. The 25% provision of section 1, chapter 227, Laws of 1951, is applicable to that amount of an issue to be used to refund outstanding notes, in this instance amounting to $20,000,000
AGO 1952 NO. 285 >
FISHERIES INSPECTORS ‑- POWERS AS POLICE OFFICERS, ISSUANCE OF WARRANTS AND PROCESSES TO FISHERIES INSPECTORS.  1. A fisheries inspector or deputy inspector is a peace officer whose powers of law enforcement are restricted to the enforcement of the Fisheries Code and the rules, orders and
AGO 1952 NO. 286 >
CONTRACT BETWEEN CITY OF THIRD CLASS AND LOCAL HOUSING AUTHORITY PROVIDING THAT CITY FURNISH SEWAGE DISPOSAL SERVICE TO THE HOUSING AUTHORITY.  1. A city of the third class which owns and operates its own sewage disposal system may contract to provide sewage disposal service to a housing authority
AGO 1952 NO. 287 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- LICENSES ‑- CONFLICT WITH STATE STATUTE.  In view of chapter 184, Laws of 1933, (RRS (P. Supp.) 8276-1 et seq.), as amended, a municipal corporation in furtherance of its regulatory powers may not require the payment of a license fee for the privilege of conducting or
AGO 1952 NO. 288 >
RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS ‑- COUNTY PROPERTY TAX, EXEMPTIONS, PROFIT USED FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES. Property of non-sectarian, religious organization operating bookstore to gain income for solely religious purposes is exempt county property tax
AGO 1952 NO. 289 >
PARTNERSHIPS, DISSOLUTION ‑- REAL ESTATE SALES TAX. The inter-transfer of the general partners' interests in the real property of the partnership, pursuant to dissolution, is subject to the county real estate sales tax on the value of the interest transferred
AGO 1952 NO. 290 >
CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT, FOREIGN CORPORATION ADMITTED IN WASHINGTON.  1. An out of state corporation, qualified to do business and doing business in the State of Washington, may hire and pay a public relations man to devote his full time and effort to the work of a committee sponsoring an initiative