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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1953 NO. 52 >
FEES -- JUSTICE & SUPERIOR COURTS -- CLASS AA COUNTY -- FOR COUNTY LAW LIBRARIES Clerks of Superior & Justice courts in Class AA county are authorized to collect fees for support of county law library
AGO 1953 NO. 53 >
POWER OF DIRECTORS OF NON-HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT TO EXCLUDE FROM ATTENDANCE IN GRAMMAR SCHOOL SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD RESIDENT WHO HAS ALREADY GRADUATED FROM THAT SCHOOL Directors of non-high school district should refuse to admit to eighth grade resident student who has already graduated from grammar
AGO 1953 NO. 54 >
TRANSFER OF NON-CERTIFIED [[NONCERTIFIED]]EMPLOYEES OF A SCHOOL DISTRICT FROM THE WASHINGTON STATE TEACHERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM TO THE STATE EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM 1. Only non-certified [[noncertified]]employees of "school districts" are entitled to transfer of membership. 2. The provisions of
AGO 1953 NO. 55 >
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- ELECTRICAL UTILITIES ‑- BUDGETS ‑- "EMPLOYEES" Accountants, billing machine operators, and other office workers are "employees" within the meaning of the statute providing for adjustment of salaries and working conditions of employees of a municipal electrical system, provided
AGO 1953 NO. 56 >
DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC LANDS ‑- PAYMENT OF MEMBERSHIP DUES IN WESTERN STATES LAND COMMISSIONERS' ASSOCIATION The membership fee of the Commissioner of Public Lands of the State of Washington to the Western States Land Commissioners' Association may be paid with state money from the operations fund if
AGO 1953 NO. 57 >
MEETINGS ‑- PUBLIC BODIES ‑- NOTICE TO PRESS AND RADIO Under chapter 216, Laws of 1953, the type of notice to be given to the press, radio and television of the meetings of public bodies and agencies is as follows: 1. For the meetings of state agencies to be held in Olympia, notification of
AGO 1953 NO. 58 >
HOSPITAL DISTRICT -- PURCHASE OF BUILDING OFF HOSPITAL PROPERTY -- SUPERINTENDENT OF DISTRICT Hospital district may purchase building off the hospital premises, for the use of the superintendent in performance of his statutory powers and duties, if necessary: but in no case for the residence of the
AGO 1953 NO. 59 >
BOILERS AND UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSELS UNDER THE PUBLIC SAFETY ACT Under the provisions of Chapter 32, Laws of 1951, RCW 70.79, certain powers have been delegated to the Director of the Department of Labor and Industries and he is given authority to direct the chief inspector to enforce the
AGO 1953 NO. 60 >
MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS ‑- ELECTION IRREGULARITIES ‑- DIRECTORY V --MANDATORY STATUTES ‑- "WITHIN FIVE DAYS" (1) The statutes providing for compensation of election officers and that there shall be but one set of election officers are directory rather than mandatory, and a failure to comply with their
AGO 1953 NO. 61 >
PUBLIC RECORDS -- STUDENTS -- TRANSCRIPT OF GRADES & CREDITS -- STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION -- DESTRUCTION -- ALTERATION -- REMOVAL -- INSPECTION -- BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1. Student at state college of education cannot demand removal or destruction of Registrar's transcript of his grades or credits