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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 328 >
PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICTS ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- AUTHORIZING INDEBTEDNESS AT ELECTION ON ORIGINAL CREATION The electors in a proposed hospital district may not vote on a proposition authorizing a bonded indebtedness or a levy in excess of three mill at the election at which the district is voted into
AGO 1954 NO. 329 >
CITIES RIGHT TO REGULATE PLATTING AND SUBDIVIDING OF LAND 1. Incorporated cities may regulate the platting and subdividing of two, three or four lots providing the lot contains no dedication of a public street or highway, under Section 4 of the Act of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of
AGO 1954 NO. 330 >
WASHINGTON STATE DAIRY PRODUCTS COMMISSION ‑- POWER TO CONTRACT ‑- METHOD OF PAYMENT The Washington State Dairy Products Commission may contract with the American Dairy Association for national programs of advertising, merchandising, research, education and publicity, and make payments under such
AGO 1954 NO. 331 >
ELECTIONS ‑- VACANCIES ON TICKET ‑- FILLING BY STATE OR COUNTY COMMITTEE Where a vacancy exists by failure of any candidate to file for an office, a state or county central committee, as the case may be, may fill the vacancy by majority vote of a quorum of the whole committee.  The method of
AGO 1954 NO. 332 >
ESTABLISHMENT OF JOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES BY MARCH 1 IN A GIVEN YEAR IS A CONDITION PRECEDENT TO A VALID LEVY BEING MADE FOR SUCH SCHOOL DISTRICT IN SUCH YEAR 1. Joint school district is a taxing district. 2. Boundaries of a taxing district must be established by March 1 in a given year
AGO 1954 NO. 333 >
SCHOOLS ‑- TUITION AND FEES ‑- COLLEGES OF EDUCATION Trustees of the colleges of education cannot authorize tuition charges as to students, other than extension students enrolled therein, but may authorize the assessment ofspecial fees for special or extra classes and activities
AGO 1954 NO. 334 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE ‑- PARTITION OF LAND Deeds executed pursuant to court order in a partition suit by two persons who own land in undivided interests are transactions subject to the real estate excise tax
AGO 1954 NO. 335 >
WATER DISTRICT ‑- COMMISSIONERS' POWERS ‑- EXPENDITURES ‑- SALE OF WATER DISTRICT PROPERTY Water district commissioners lack authority to expend funds on an improvement plan which voters rejected. Water district commissioners may sell real property purchase option to private party
AGO 1954 NO. 336 >
HOSPITALS ‑- COUNTY ‑- BUDGET ‑- SALARY AND WAGES ‑- POWER TO FIX ‑- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS County commissioners have the power to fix the budget of the county hospitals. The board of trustees of a county hospital, through the general superintendent, has the power to hire and classify employees, but
AGO 1954 NO. 337 >
REAL ESTATE BROKERS ‑- ADVERTISING FEES ‑- ADVANCED FEES (1) A non-licensed person may sell advertising, but if the transaction in any way contemplates an act required to be licensed under chapter 18.85 RCW, then a violation of law has been committed. (2) A broker may receive compensation in