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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 368 >
ELECTIONS ‑- VALIDITY ‑- ABSENCE OF BALLOTS ‑- SPECIAL ‑- WHEN HELD ‑- WATER DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS 1. Statutes regulating the conduct of an election are mandatory when noncompliance affects result; an election is invalid when sufficient ballots not furnished and tie vote resulted. 2. Water
AGO 1954 NO. 369 >
BANQUET PERMITS The Washington State Liquor Control Board may deny banquet permits to certain individuals or organizations, or for use at certain premises
AGO 1954 NO. 370 >
TAXATION ‑- EXEMPTIONS ‑- STATE PROPERTY ‑- UNIVERSITY TRACT MUNICIPAL SERVICES ‑- PAYMENT ‑- LEGISLATION 1. Metropolitan tract of University is tax exempt. 2. Legislature may authorize regents to pay city for service to University property
AGO 1954 NO. 371 >
DISTRICTS ‑- IRRIGATION ‑- DISSOLUTION ‑- ASSESSMENT UNDER RCW 87.53.140, TO PAY OUTSTANDING BONDS Landowner in former irrigation district who pays in full assessment against land under RCW 87.53.140 frees property from further assessment and discharges lien of bonds though like assessments against
AGO 1954 NO. 372 >
PORT DISTRICTS ‑- POWERS ‑- LACK OF POWER TO CREATE FIRE DISTRICT Port districts do not have express or implied power to create fire districts.                                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                               
AGO 1954 NO. 373 >
FERRIES ‑- POWER OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO LICENSE County commissioners no longer have authority to grant licenses or franchises to privately-operated ferries, since RCW 36.53.010 has been repealed by implication. This matter is now covered by RCW 81.84.010
AGO 1954 NO. 374 >
VETERANS' RELIEF ‑- PAYMENT OF VOUCHERS ‑- TIME LIMITATION APPROVAL BY WELFARE DEPARTMENT 1. The board of county commissioners may decline to approve vouchers under the Soldiers' and Sailors' relief fund for goods purchased or services rendered more than one year prior to the presentation of such
AGO 1954 NO. 375 >
KOREAN WAR VETERANS' ELIGIBILITY FOR BONUS ‑- AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS REMAINING FROM BOND ISSUE AUTHORIZED TO PAY BONUS FOR WORLD WAR II VETERANS (1) The unexpended proceeds from the sale of World War II veterans' bonus bonds may by appropriate legislation be applied to pay bonuses for veterans of