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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 286 > Jul 19 1954
FAIRS ‑- FUNDS DERIVED FROM PARI-MUTUEL [[PARIMUTUEL]]BETTING. The director of agriculture may not distribute grants-in-aid from the pari-mutuel fund to a private non-profit [[nonprofit]]corporation conducting a fair.  Exception:  premiums and awards may be distributed to participants
AGO 1954 NO. 287 > Jul 22 1954
COUNTIES ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- COMPENSATION ‑- PAYMENT FOR SICK LEAVE. A county may pay its employees under its rules relating to sick leave for the first three days following an injury while engaged in county work
AGO 1954 NO. 288 > Jul 23 1954
TAXATION ‑- 1% REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX ‑- SALE, CONSIDERATION. Transfer of lot by owner to contractor, with subsidiary agreement to reconvey after contractor builds home, constitutes two taxable transactions under 1% real estate excise sales tax
AGO 1954 NO. 289 > Jul 26 1954
BONDS, FIDELITY ‑- BLANKET TYPE ‑- SCHEDULED POSITION TYPE ‑-PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS ‑- BONDING OF EMPLOYEE. The department of public institutions may use a position schedule or a public official blanket type fidelity bond for its employees
AGO 1954 NO. 290 > Aug 3 1954
FUNERAL EXPENSES ‑- PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. The Department of Public Assistance's responsibility under RCW 74.08.120 to provide funds for funeral expenses for persons dying without assets is absolute and not relieved or lessened by virtue of the provisions of RCW 68.08.160
AGO 1954 NO. 291 > Aug 2 1954
COUNTIES ‑- HOSPITALS ‑- OBLIGATION TO OBSERVE LEGAL HOLIDAYS ‑-LEGAL HOLIDAYS ‑- OBLIGATION OF COUNTY HOSPITALS TO OBSERVE STATUTORY HOLIDAYS. County hospitals are not required by statute to observe the legal holidays defined by law but only those designated by the board of trustees of such
AGO 1954 NO. 292 > Aug 3 1954
UNIONS ‑- EMPLOYEES OF POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS ‑- DEDUCTIONS FOR PAYMENT INTO HEALTH-WELFARE TRUST FUND  ‑- WAGES A political subdivision may pay union employees the basic prevailing wage for the area including amount bargained for as health-welfare fund and with consent of the employee remit amount
AGO 1954 NO. 293 > Aug 2 1954
GAME ‑- ANIMALS ‑- HUNTING ‑- LEGAL RIGHT OF HUNTERS TO TAG ANIMALS SHOT BY OTHER HUNTERS ‑-CRIMES ‑- LARCENY ‑- TAGGING OF AN ANIMAL BAGGED BY ANOTHER. 1.  A hunter who lawfully shoots a game animal acquires a vested legal right in such animal provided he continues to manifest an immediate
AGO 1954 NO. 294 > Aug 9 1954
STATE AUDITOR ‑- EXAMINATION OF MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The state auditor has no authority to examine the financial affairs of the state association of county commissioners
AGO 1954 NO. 295 > Aug 12 1954
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- CEMETERIES. A fourth class city may acquire and maintain a cemetery, but it may not sell lots therein to provide funds for maintenance