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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1955 NO. 121 > Jul 29 1955
HEALTH ‑- REGULATION, REQUIRING CONNECTION WITH EXISTING SEWER 1. It is not an unlawful delegation of legislative authority to allow an administrative body to pass upon a condition or state of things if proper standards to govern the Board are legislatively enunciated; 2. A municipal sewer system
AGO 1955 NO. 122 > Jul 29 1955
MOTOR VEHICLE CODE ‑- VIOLATIONS ‑- VENUE ‑- JUSTICES OF THE PEACE The venue provision of RCW 46.52.100 (§ 2, chapter 393, Laws of 1955, applies to all violations of the motor vehicle code
AGO 1955 NO. 123 > Aug 1 1955
CRIMES ‑- PUBLIC ASSISTANCE ‑- FRAUDULENT OBTAINING OF ‑- LARCENY ‑- PUNISHMENT 1. The crime of fraudulently obtaining public assistance must be charged under RCW 74.08.330 in the public assistance title. 2.  That crime may not be punished as a grand larceny, but only as a gross misdemeanor
AGO 1955 NO. 124 > Aug 3 1955
MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- LOGGING TRUCKS ‑- EXCESS WEIGHT FEES A combination of vehicles used in hauling logs which is licensed for the maximum amount permitted by law (68,000 pounds) is not permitted any variation of gross weight in excess of that amount unless the operator has been issued a special
AGO 1955 NO. 125 > Aug 11 1955
DISTRICTS ‑- PUBLIC UTILITY ‑- MAINTENANCE OF PRIVATE LINES ON COST-PLUS BASIS A public utility district cannot maintain and service power lines owned by private cooperative which carry the power of the cooperative
AGO 1955 NO. 126 > Aug 11 1955
STATE EMPLOYEES ‑- VACATIONS ‑- FERRY SYSTEM PERSONNEL UNDER COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT Vacation provisions of chapter 140, Laws of 1955, are applicable to ferry system personnel covered by collective bargaining agreement
AGO 1955 NO. 127 > Aug 22 1955
TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY ‑- SECOND LAKE WASHINGTON BRIDGE ‑- STATUTORY WESTERN APPROACHES 1. Approach connecting second Lake Washington bridge with proposed Tacoma-Seattle‑Everett Toll Road would not fulfill statutory requirement. 2. Western approaches to second Lake Washington Bridge may be
AGO 1955 NO. 128 > Aug 24 1955
VACATIONS ‑- PART TIME EMPLOYEES OF STATE Chapter 140, Laws of 1955 which liberalizes the provision for vacations for state employees is retrospective in its application
AGO 1955 NO. 129 > Aug 23 1955
PAYMENT OF ACCRUED VACATION PAY OF STATE EMPLOYEES UPON TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT Art. II, Sec. 25, of the state Constitution does not prohibit the payment for accrued vacation leave to former state employees whose employment was terminated in the manner specified in section 2, chapter 140, Laws of
AGO 1955 NO. 130 > Aug 29 1955
COUNTIES ‑- FUNDS ‑- EMERGENCY ‑- APPROPRIATION FOR EMPLOYER'S OASI CONTRIBUTIONS County Commissioners may properly make emergency appropriation to pay employer's OASI contributions for period between adoption of coverage and earlier effective date thereof