Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1955 NO. 31 > Feb 21 1955
CEMETERIES ‑- THREE‑PARTY AGREEMENTS ‑- NECESSITY FOR CARE ENDOWMENT FUND.  1. A certificate of authority is required for operation of a mausoleum within a cemetery.  2. An endowment care fund is optional for operators of a mausoleum.  3. If an endowment care fund is established for a mausoleum,
AGO 1955 NO. 32 > Feb 24 1955
COUNTIES ‑- BUDGET ‑- LAPSE ‑- TIME FOR PRESENTMENT OF CLAIMS.  A claim against a county for services performed during the preceding year, filed within thirty days thereof, is properly payable out of the previous year's budget appropriation, although such payment may be made after that time. The
AGO 1955 NO. 33 > Feb 28 1955
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- POWER TO PURCHASE ‑- REAL PROPERTY OUTSIDE CITY.  A city of the third class may purchase real property outside its corporate limits when such property is to be used for municipal purposes
AGO 1955 NO. 34 > Mar 3 1955
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- CONSOLIDATION ‑- STATUS. School districts which are consolidated for all purposes for which such districts are operated lose their individuality and become a new and distinct entity for all such purposes except as to those matters expressly reserved by statute
AGO 1955 NO. 35 > Mar 2 1955
JUSTICES OF THE PEACE ‑- IN FIRST CLASS CITIES ‑- PRIVATE PRACTICE OR BUSINESS. A justice of the peace in a first class city may indulge in private practice or business if it does not interfere with the full performance of his duties during the normal hours of his court
AGO 1955 NO. 36 > Mar 7 1955
FUNDS ‑- STATE ‑- EMPLOYMENT SECURITY CONTINGENCY ‑- EXPENDITURE. Administrative Contingency Fund moneys may be used for purposes not chargeable against funds obtained from Federal sources
AGO 1955 NO. 37 > Mar 7 1955
TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY ‑- MEMBERSHIP ‑- QUORUM ‑- CONTROL OVER FERRY SYSTEM OPERATION. 1. The toll bridge authority is composed of the governor, state auditor, chairmen of the public service and highway commissions, and directors of public institutions and highways. 2. Three members, exclusive of
AGO 1955 NO. 38 > Mar 11 1955
BIBLE CAMPS ‑- EXEMPTION FROM TAXATION. Property of sectarian Bible camps should be tax exempt, provided the purposes for which it is used fall within the terms of the exemption statute
AGO 1955 NO. 39 > Mar 10 1955
NURSING HOMES, AUTHORITY OF COUNTY, TO OPERATE, TO MAKE APPROPRIATIONS, EMERGENCY EXPENDITURES, TAX LEVY. A county may maintain and operate a nursing home, and for such purpose may make appropriations and levy taxes therefor. A county may maintain and operate a nursing home, and where it does shall
AGO 1955 NO. 40 > Mar 16 1955
TAXATION ‑- PROPERTY TAXES ‑- VALUATION OF MERCHANTABLE TIMBER ‑- TAX COMMISSION'S TIMBER APPRAISAL MANUAL. The "period of cutting" and "rate of logging" factors listed in the timber appraisal manual prepared by the Tax Commission are proper factors to consider in common with the other factors