Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1955 NO. 61 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- FUNDS ‑- DEPOSITS IN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS A municipal corporation is insured only up to an aggregate amount not in excess of $10,000.00 on all non-statutory [[nonstatutory]]funds deposited in one savings and loan association, unless more than one officer of the
AGO 1955 NO. 62 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATION EXPENDING MUNICIPAL UTILITIES REVENUE FOR ADVERTISING City can not pay industrial consultant, employed to encourage industrial development of community, from public utility revenue
AGO 1955 NO. 63 >
INDIANS ‑- RESERVATIONS ‑- STATE JURISDICTION ‑- TAXATION ‑- ADMISSIONS TAX ‑- ON INDIAN RESERVATION The state has no jurisdiction over crimes committed on an Indian reservation when the person or property of an Indian is affected. The county may require its schools located on an Indian reservation
AGO 1955 NO. 64 >
REAL ESTATE ‑- SALESMEN ‑- TEMPORARY PERMITS The director of licenses may issue a temporary salesman's permit to an applicant for a real estate salesman's license who has never before had a temporary permit but has previously failed an examination for a license
AGO 1955 NO. 65 >
WATER DISTRICT ‑- EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND ACCIDENT PLAN A water district organized under the laws of the state of Washington cannot enter into a contract nor authorize a health and accident plan at district expense for employees without statutory authority
AGO 1955 NO. 66 >
COUNTIES ‑- HEALTH AND WELFARE PLAN The county commissioners cannot authorize a health and welfare plan for employees without statutory authority
AGO 1955 NO. 67 >
STATE TRAINING SCHOOL ‑- STATE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS ‑- SUPERINTENDENTS ‑- POWERS ‑- DISCHARGE OR REFUSAL TO ADMIT INMATES Superintendent for state school for girls has no authority to discharge inmate for incorrigibility, but superintendent of state training school may do so upon concurrence of
AGO 1955 NO. 68 >
BOARD OF PRISON TERMS AND PAROLES ‑- MINIMUM TERM ‑- RECONSIDERATION After one year of confinement the Board may reconsider the minimum duration of confinement of an inmate who comes within the purview of RCW 9.95.040 and adjust the same downward, but the reconsidered term must not be less than
AGO 1955 NO. 69 >
EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM ‑- ORIGINAL MEMBER ‑- PRIOR SERVICE Employees retirement system, broadened definition of original member, granting prior service
AGO 1955 NO. 70 >
CITIES -- FIRST CLASS -- POLICE PENSION Rate of payment for policeman seeking credit for time spend in armed services to cover pension requirements. Policemen seeking credit for time spent in service toward retirement must pay at the rate set forth and effective as of date of payment