Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1957 NO. 11 >
REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX ‑- MEASURE OF TAX The selling price of real property for excise tax purposes includes the amount of any unpaid balance on any outstanding mortgage                      
AGO 1957 NO. 12 >
AUTHORITY OF STATE TO ENACT LEGISLATION PROTECTING CIVIL RIGHTS OF ITS CITIZENS WITH REGARD TO PUBLICLY-ASSISTED HOUSING Enactment by legislature of statute relating to civil rights of its citizens in publicly assisted housing is constitutional and in conformity with federal constitution and
AGO 1957 NO. 13 >
POWERS OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL ‑-  INTERPRETATION OF INITIATIVE NO. 199 ‑- DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE (A.) The attorney general must presume the constitutionality of a duly enacted law until it has been declared unconstitutional by a court. (B.) Certain seeming ambiguities in the
AGO 1957 NO. 14 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE EXCISE ‑- SALE TO UNITED STATES IN TRUST FOR INDIAN A conveyance to the United States in trust for an Indian is not subject to the real estate excise tax.                    
AGO 1957 NO. 15 >
TAXATION, MORTGAGES, PRIORITY OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX OVER PRE‑EXISTING [[PREEXISTING]]CHATTEL MORTGAGE The lien for personal property taxes against the property actually assessed for the tax is superior to a pre‑existing [[preexisting]]chattel mortgage on the same property and the property may be
AGO 1957 NO. 16 >
DENTAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES (1) Dentistry is a medical care within the meaning of the definition health care services. (2) A company organized for the purpose of selling memberships which entitle the purchaser to dental care at reduced rates is a health care service contractor and the membership
AGO 1957 NO. 17 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- SECOND AND THIRD CLASS ‑- SALE OF PROPERTY WITHOUT VOTE OF DISTRICT A school district of the second or third class may convey real property to a town for street purposes without a direction by vote of the school district under procedure specified in RCW 28.58.045 or RCW 39.33.
AGO 1957 NO. 18 >
COUNTIES ‑- OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Payment of premiums on false arrest insurance for the sheriff and his deputies is for individual benefit and is not a legitimate county expense.                     
AGO 1957 NO. 19 >
COUNTIES, COMMISSIONERS, POWERS OF CITIES AND TOWNS, ANNEXATION A board of county commissioners has no discretion in calling or not calling an annexation election under RCW 35.13.040                    
AGO 1957 NO. 20 >
CAPITOL COMMITTEE ‑- USE OF CAPITOL LAND GRANT FUNDS The Capitol Committee is prohibited from utilizing funds derived from the capitol land grant for improvement of streets or arterials not included within or immediately contiguous to the state capitol.