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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1957 NO. 111 > Aug 15 1957
OASI COVERAGE FOR COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. The Garfield County Superintendent of Schools is an "employee" for the purpose of OASI as defined in Chapter 183 of the Laws of 1957.  The County is required to contribute its share of the premiums from the fund from which the employees wages are
AGO 1957 NO. 112 > Aug 20 1957
STATE COLLEGES OF EDUCATION -- BOARD OF TRUSTEES -- FACULTY RETIREMENT BENEFITS. State Colleges of Education, duties of Board of Trustees, providing retirement and income plans, faculty transfers between plans
AGO 1957 NO. 113 > Aug 20 1957
INDIANS ‑- BOARD OF PRISON TERMS & PAROLES ‑- POWER TO CAUSE ARREST ON RESERVATION FOR VIOLATION OF PAROLE OR PROBATION. A state parole and probation officer has the power and authority to cause the arrest on an Indian reservation of both Indians and non-Indians for the violation of parole or
AGO 1957 NO. 114 > Aug 21 1957
INSURANCE CODE -- INSURANCE COMPANIES -- ADMISSIBILITY OF ASSETS. Insurance Code, Insurance Company Investments, Filed annual statements, admissibility of assets in determining financial condition, personal property and chattel mortgages on personal property
AGO 1957 NO. 115 > Aug 27 1957
STATE PATROL ‑- POWERS ‑- ON COUNTY ROADS ‑- IN COUNTY PARKS ‑- IN CITIES (1) Officers of the state patrol have the power and duty to enforce state laws having a uniform application to the general public throughout the state, whether within or without the corporate limits of any county or city, but
AGO 1957 NO. 116 > Aug 28 1957
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- INSURANCE POLICIES ‑- COMPETITIVE BIDS. A school district of the first class may, but is not required to, advertise for bids in purchasing a contract of public liability or fire insurance, although the anticipated premiums may exceed $1,000.00.  The board of directors of a
AGO 1957 NO. 117 > Aug 28 1957
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- FIREMEN ‑- DISABILITY PENSIONS ‑- DISEASES COVERED ‑- APPLICATION ‑- POWERS AND DUTIES OF PENSION IN PASSING ON ‑- BURDEN OF PROOF. Any disease, including poliomyelitis, contracted by a fireman in connection with the performance of his duties as a member of the fire department
AGO 1957 NO. 118 > Sep 12 1957
COUNTIES ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS --HEALTH ‑- AIR POLLUTION ‑- AIR POLLUTION CONTROL DISTRICTS --NUISANCE --CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ‑- TAXATION ‑- FORTY MILL LIMITATION 1. Chapter 232, Laws of 1957, chapter 70.94 RCW, requires that an entire county be included within an air pollution control district but
AGO 1957 NO. 119 > Sep 13 1957
COUNTY TREASURER ‑- DEPOSIT OF PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK ‑- DEPOSIT OF PUBLIC FUNDS BY COUNTY TREASURER County treasurer may not deposit public funds in a mutual savings bank
AGO 1957 NO. 120 > Sep 17 1957
COUNTIES ‑- TUBERCULOSIS ‑- JOINT TUBERCULOSIS SANATORIA ‑- LEASE OR SALE OF SANATORIUM PROPERTY TO THE STATE‑- INTERGOVERNMENTAL SALES BY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS The board of county commissioners of each of the counties comprising a joint sanatorium group has the power to lease or sell its