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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1957 NO. 121 > Sep 20 1957
OASI COVERAGE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE JUDGES RETIREMENT ACT All of the members of the judges retirement act including both supreme court judges and superior court judges can be covered by OASI as state employees, or the superior court members of the retirement system can be covered alone as county-
AGO 1957 NO. 122 > Sep 26 1957
JUSTICES OF THE PEACE ‑- GARNISHMENTS ‑- EXEMPTION OF WAGES --APPLICABLE TO SUPERIOR AND JUSTICE COURTS The wage exemption statute (RCW 7.32.280) is applicable to garnishment proceedings in both superior and justice courts
AGO 1957 NO. 123 > Oct 4 1957
COUNTY CLERKS ‑- FEES ‑- NONINTERVENTION WILLS (1) A fee of $6.00 is collectible if the "written declaration" contemplated by RCW 11.68.010 contains an account, otherwise no fee is collectible. (2) The library fee authorized by RCW 27.24.070, as amended by chapter 31, Laws of 1957, may not be
AGO 1957 NO. 124 > Oct 4 1957
COMMISSION MERCHANTS ACT ‑- LICENSING OF ROADSIDE FRUIT STANDS Commission Merchants Act.  Retail Merchants.  Permanent roadside fruit stands doing business for three or four months of year not excluded from licensing provisions of this act
AGO 1957 NO. 125 > Oct 8 1957
COMMON CARRIER PERMITS ‑- MODIFICATION OF PERMIT AUTHORITY BY GENERAL ORDER ‑- RETROACTIVE CONSTRUCTION A rule of the Washington Public Service Commission modifying a prior definition of "general freight" does not apply to rights existing in permits then outstanding where no such intention is
AGO 1957 NO. 126 > Oct 18 1957
TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY ‑- AUTHORITY OF COUNTIES TO SUPPORT BONDS OF (1) The authority of King County under RCW 47.56.250 to support the payment of interest on Toll Bridge Authority bonds issued for the construction of the second Lake Washington Bridge is not beyond question. (2) The provisions of
AGO 1957 NO. 127 > Oct 24 1957
APPROPRIATIONS ‑- INTENT OF THE LEGISLATURE Proper disbursements may be made from the alcoholism account in the state treasury under the appropriation contained in § 7, chapter 136, Laws of 1957
AGO 1957 NO. 128 > Oct 29 1957
HOUSE TRAILERS ‑- EXCISE TAX ‑- NONRESIDENT SERVICEMENS' EXEMPTION ‑- SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' CIVIL RELIEF ACT Nonresident military personnel are exempt from the state's house trailer excise tax by virtue of the Federal Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act
AGO 1957 NO. 129 > Nov 8 1957
COUNTIES ‑- ROADS AND BRIDGES ‑- DUTY TO MAINTAIN BRIDGES ‑- DUTY OF INTERFERER WITH PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY TO MAINTAIN The county is obliged to repair and maintain all bridges, by whomsoever constructed, which lie on the right of way of an established county road.  Such obligation does not extend,
AGO 1957 NO. 130 > Nov 13 1957
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS ‑- OUT-OF-STATE INSTITUTION AS TRUSTEE OF CONSTRUCTION FUND A public utility district has the power, under RCW 54.24.050 and 54.24.110, to employ out-of-state institutions as trustees, depositaries and paying agents to handle construction and revenue funds