Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1959 NO. 51 > Jul 14 1959
PORT DISTRICTS - AUTHORITY TO EMPLOY PRIVATE ATTORNEY AS ADVISER TO PORT COMMISSION - REGISTRATION OF WARRANTS OF THE DISTRICT BY COUNTY AUDITOR. (1) Port district is legally authorized to employ an attorney as legal adviser to port commission.  (2) In counties of the 5th to 8th class the
AGO 1959 NO. 52 > Jul 20 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND INDUSTRIES - AUTHORITY TO PROVIDE OR REPLACE ARTIFICIAL SUBSTITUTES OR MECHANICAL APPLIANCES, CONSTRUING RCW 51.36.020. (1) Under RCW 51.36.020, and for injuries occurring before June 1951, the department may not repair or replace artificial
AGO 1959 NO. 53 > Jul 23 1959
COUNTIES - RESPONSIBILITY FOR COSTS UNDER CHAPTER 196, LAWS OF 1959 (COMMITMENT OF MENTALLY ILL). (1) (2) Chapter 196, Laws of 1959 does not make a county responsible for payment of costs of care, treatment, etc., for mentally ill persons but any financial responsibility of the county is provided
AGO 1959 NO. 54 > Jul 27 1959
NONSUPPORT OF WIFE AND/OR MINOR CHILDREN. Nonsupport action may be brought against a husband and father in the place of residence of the wife and/or minor children or in the state of residence of the father
AGO 1959 NO. 55 > Jul 27 1959
SCHOOL DISTRICTS - ENTITLEMENT OF CERTIFIED AND NONCERTIFIED PERSONNEL TO TWO PAY DAYS MONTHLY. The provisions of RCW 36.17.040, as amended in 1959, authorizing pay days twice monthly are not applicable to certified or noncertified personnel of school districts
AGO 1959 NO. 56 > Jul 27 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - WASHINGTON TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY - VACATION LEAVE FOR PART TIME EMPLOYEES. The Washington Toll Bridge Authority may not legally allow full vacation leave to part-time employees of the Washington State Ferries with whom the Authority has executed labor agreements. 
AGO 1959 NO. 57 > Aug 5 1959
AUTOMOBILES - MINIATURE - POWERED BY GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC MOTORS AS MOTOR VEHICLES WITHIN THE MOTOR VEHICLE CODE. Miniature automobiles powered by gasoline engines or electric motors are motor vehicles and come within the provisions of the motor vehicle code
AGO 1959 NO. 58 > Aug 13 1959
ELECTIONS - SPECIAL - COUNCIL-MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT. (1) and (2) A third class city adopting the council-manager form of government at a special election on November 3, 1959, may hold an election on the second Tuesday of March, 1960 to elect new city officials and such an election would be a
AGO 1959 NO. 59 > Aug 20 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - PLANNING COMMISSION - AUTHORITY TO CONTROL USE OF INDIAN ALLOTMENT LANDS LEASED TO A NON-INDIAN. A county planning commission has no authority to control the use of Indian allotment lands which are leased to a non-Indian
AGO 1959 NO. 60 > Aug 21 1959
CITIES AND TOWNS - EFFECT OF ANNEXATION OF LAND ON BANK OF NAVIGABLE RIVER OVER JURISDICTION TO CENTER OF RIVER FOR TAX PURPOSES. The annexation of land to the bank of a navigable river by a city vests the city with jurisdiction for tax purposes to the center of a navigable river under RCW 35.21.