Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1960 NO. 164 >
PENSIONS - FIREMEN - REFUND OF CONTRIBUTIONS. A fireman continuously employed by a city from September 1, 1942 until May 31, 1957, is not entitled to a refund of his contributions to the pension fund for the period from October 1, 1942 to March 11, 1947 irrespective of whether or not he filed a
AGO 1960 NO. 165 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - TOLL BRIDGE AUTHORITY - BRIDGES - TEN MILE LIMITATION ON OTHER CROSSINGS APPLIES TO INTERSTATE BRIDGES. The construction of a bridge on Government Island eight and one half miles east of the interstate bridge by the State of Washington is prohibited by RCW 47.56.220
AGO 1960 NO. 166 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC ASSISTANCE - EXEMPTION OF $85.00 EARNED INCOME IN AID TO THE BLIND. (1) Without an amendment to existing state law, the department of public assistance is not authorized to increase the exemption of the first fifty dollars to the first eighty-five
AGO 1960 NO. 167 >
TOWNSHIPS - SALE OF INTOXICATING LIQUOR ON DAY OF ANNUAL TOWN MEETING. Intoxicating liquor may not be sold in a township area on the day of the township annual meeting
AGO 1960 NO. 168 >
SCHOOLS - WHEN NEW YEAR'S DAY FALLS ON A SUNDAY, THE FOLLOWING MONDAY IS A LEGAL HOLIDAY BUT IS NOT A SCHOOL HOLIDAY. January 2, 1961, is a legal holiday but not a school holiday.  However, January 2, 1961, may in the discretion of the board of directors of a school district, be included within the
AGO 1960 NO. 169 >
CITIES AND TOWNS - ALIEN - APPOINTMENT AS CITY PLANNING DIRECTOR. The City of Renton may not appoint an alien to the position of city planning director
AGO 1960 NO. 170 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - SHERIFF -FEE SCHEDULE. (1) A sheriff may charge ten cents per mile in serving a summons and complaint where service is not obtained until the fifth trip. (2) A $2.00 fee is applicable to returns of execution, personal and real, attachments, personal and real, and
AGO 1960 NO. 171 >
CIVIL SERVICE - APPLICABILITY OF INITIATIVE 207 TO PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN, DISTRICT CHAIRMEN OF POLITICAL PARTIES, AND THE VENDORS OF STATE LIQUOR STORES. (1) An individual covered by the Civil Service Act (Initiative 207) cannot serve as an elected precinct committeeman of either party without