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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1967 NO. 31 >
COUNTIES - TAXATION - LEASES - COUNTY STADIUM FINANCING UNDER CHAPTER 236, LAWS OF 1967. (1) Under the provisions of chapter 236, Laws of 1967, a class AA county may enter into a lease agreement with private parties pursuant to which such parties would acquire real property and construct thereon a
AGO 1967 NO. 32 >
LEGISLATURE - MEMBERS - ELIGIBILITY FOR APPOINTMENT TO CIVIL OFFICE. (1) No member of the 40th legislature is eligible, during his current term of office, to serve as a member of the board of trustees of Southwestern Washington State College or as a member of the Washington State Arts Commission
AGO 1967 NO. 33 >
ELECTIONS - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS - SUBMISSION TO VOTERS. None of the constitutional amendments which were proposed by the 1967 legislature are to be submitted to the voters for their approval or rejection at the November 7, 1967, election; rather all of these measures are to be submitted to
AGO 1967 NO. 34 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - EFFECT OF 1967 COMMUNITY COLLEGE ACT ON EXISTING BONDED INDEBTEDNESS AND BONDING CAPACITY. (1) Pursuant to § 74, chapter 8, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess., a common school district previously operating a community college is presently authorized to issue bonds previously authorized
AGO 1967 NO. 35 >
DISTRICTS - IRRIGATION - COLLECTION OF DELINQUENT ASSESSMENTS. A county treasurer is required to collect the one dollar charge prescribed by RCW 87.03.270, as amended by § 2, chapter 169, Laws of 1967, on irrigation district assessments which became delinquent prior to the effective date of the
AGO 1967 NO. 36 >
MOTOR VEHICLES - PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF RCW 46.61.505 (1). The penalty provided for in RCW 46.61.515 in the case of a person who is convicted of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a narcotic drug does not apply to the case of a person who is convicted of
AGO 1967 NO. 37 >
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - CONTRACT - INSURANCE - FIRE AND EXTENDED COVERAGE. When a school district purchases fire and extended coverage insurance protection for the property of the district under a three year contract which it may cancel at any time, and consequently recover any unearned portion of
AGO 1967 NO. 38 >
COMMUNITY COLLEGES - SCHOOL DISTRICTS - LIABILITY OF SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR PERFORMANCE OF CERTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE CONTRACTS. Pursuant to § 64, chapter 8, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess., the community college districts which have taken over from common school districts the responsibility for
AGO 1967 NO. 39 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - POLLUTION CONTROL COMMISSION - ADOPTION OF WATER QUALITY STANDARDS FOR INTERSTATE WATERS WITHIN STATE - ENFORCEMENT. The water pollution control commission is authorized, under state law, both to adopt water quality standards for interstate waters within the state of
AGO 1967 NO. 40 >
FIREMEN - PENSIONS - FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT - TORT LIABILITY OF FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT FOR INJURY TO VOLUNTEER FIREMAN. Where a member of the volunteer fire department of a fire protection district is injured in the performance of his duties as a fireman in consequence of tortious conduct on