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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1968 NO. 11 > Mar 5 1968
COURTS - JUDGES - COUNTIES - APPOINTMENT OF COURT COMMISSIONERS IN MULTICOUNTY JUDICIAL DISTRICTS UNDER CHAPTER 87, LAWS OF 1967, EX. SESS. Under the provisions of RCW 2.24.010, as amended by chapter 87, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess., the superior court judge or judges of a multicounty judicial district
AGO 1968 NO. 12 > Mar 19 1968
DISTRICTS - IRRIGATION - ELECTIONS - FREEHOLDERS - QUALIFICATIONS OF ELECTORS SIGNING PETITION TO DISSOLVE AN IRRIGATION DISTRICT UNDER CHAPTER 87.53 RCW. (1) In order to be eligible to sign a petition to dissolve an irrigation district which has an outstanding bonded indebtedness, as provided for
AGO 1968 NO. 13 > Mar 20 1968
CORPORATIONS - OFFICERS - PRESIDENT CONCURRENTLY HOLDING ANOTHER OFFICE IN A CORPORATION. In the absence of a contrary provision in the corporate articles or bylaws, the president of a domestic corporation to which the provisions of Title 23A RCW apply, may concurrently hold any other office in
AGO 1968 NO. 14 > Mar 26 1968
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE - LABOR - MASTER AND SERVANT - USE OF INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE CATASTROPHE FUND. RCW 51.16.130, relating to the distribution of catastrophe costs under the industrial insurance act, is applicable so as to reduce the charges to the class accounts of an employer which are required
AGO 1968 NO. 15 > Apr 3 1968
PENSIONS - POLICE - FIRST CLASS CITIES - COMPUTATION OF PENSION FOR CERTAIN POLICE WIDOWS. (1) The proviso contained in the second paragraph of § 1, chapter 140, Laws of 1961 (RCW 41.20.085), which requires certain police widows' pensions to be reduced by the amount being received by the recipient
AGO 1968 NO. 16 > Apr 29 1968
DISTRICTS - FIRE PROTECTION - CIVIL SERVICE - INCOMPATIBLE OFFICES. (1) A fire protection district which has both full time, paid firemen and volunteer firemen in its fire service may provide civil service coverage for its full time, paid firemen under the provisions of RCW 52.36.060. (2) A fire
AGO 1968 NO. 17 > May 2 1968
COURTS - JUSTICE - COSTS OF PROBATION AND PAROLE SERVICES. The costs incurred by a county which is engaged in probation and parole services for persons convicted of crimes in justice court, under § 9, chapter 200, Laws of 1967, may not be regarded as expenditures of the justice court; hence, in
AGO 1968 NO. 18 > May 13 1968
CONDEMNATION - COSTS - EVALUATION OF ATTORNEYS' FEES. Under the provisions of § 1, chapter 137, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess.  (RCW 8.25.020), persons having an interest in real property being acquired by eminent domain are entitled to reimbursement for actual and reasonable expenditures, not in excess
AGO 1968 NO. 19 > May 14 1968
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - TAXATION - EXCESS LEVY ELECTION. It will not be possible for a school district or other taxing district to which the present 40-mill limit is applicable, in anticipation of the possible passage of S.J.R. 23 at the November, 1968, election, to prepare and submit to the voters
AGO 1968 NO. 20 > May 16 1968
LABOR - OFFSET AGAINST EMPLOYEES' WAGES - ASSIGNMENTS OF FUTURE WAGES. (1) A written agreement between an employer and employee under which the employer is entitled to deduct sums of money from the employee's wages due or to become due for the purpose of obtaining payment of amounts owed by the