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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1968 NO. 21 > May 22 1968
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY CLERK - ADDITIONAL $1.00 FEE IN DOMESTIC RELATION CASES. (1) RCW 36.18.020 (1), as amended by § 9, chapter 26, Laws of 1967, does not apply retroactively; therefore, the additional $1.00 fee collectible in divorce, annulment or separate maintenance actions under the
AGO 1968 NO. 22 > Jun 3 1968
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - INTERSTATE COMPACTS - MULTISTATE TAX COMPACTS - TAXATION - CONSENT OF CONGRESS UNNECESSARY FOR FORMATION OF MULTISTATE TAX COMPACT. We believe that the provisions of chapter 125, Laws of 1967, under which the state of Washington became a party to the multistate tax compact,
AGO 1968 NO. 23 > Jun 6 1968
CITIES AND TOWNS - CONTRACTS - EXECUTION OF A CONDITIONAL SALES CONTRACT. The phrase "one and one half percent of the taxable property," as used in § 1, chapter 92, Laws of 1963 (RCW 39.30.010), authorizing executory conditional sales contracts for the purchase of property by certain
AGO 1968 NO. 24 > Jun 24 1968
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - LIABILITY FOR INJURY TO STUDENT TRANSPORTED TO OR FROM SCHOOL BY PARENT. When a student enrolled in a public school is being transported to and/or from school at the commencement or end of the school day by his parent, or some other person at the direction of the parent (e.g
AGO 1968 NO. 25 > Jul 16 1968
MOTOR VEHICLES - FARM VEHICLES - LICENSING - SCOPE OF EXEMPTION. (1) A tractor designed for agricultural use, when towing a trailer which is carrying farm produce from one farm to another, is required to have either a vehicle license under RCW 46.16.010, or, in the alternative, a "farm vehicle"
AGO 1968 NO. 26 > Aug 20 1968
TAXATION - ASSESSMENT OF PROPERTY - PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION - GOODS IN TRANSIT. Where property of the type designated in RCW 84.36.171 is brought into the state, held in storage in a public or private warehouse within the county, kept physically segregated, and then shipped out of the
AGO 1968 NO. 27 > Aug 21 1968
OPTOMETRY - LICENSES - TRANSFER OF USE OF OPTOMETRIST'S NAME. RCW 18.53.140 (5) does not allow the transferee of the name of a lawfully licensed optometrist to in turn transfer that name to another optometrist so as to make it possible for this second transferee to also practice optometry under
AGO 1968 NO. 28 > Aug 29 1968
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - UTILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION - USE OF UNIFORM TRAFFIC TICKET AND COMPLAINT. The Traffic Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, as promulgated by the Washington Supreme Court, do not apply to violations of the provisions of chapter 81.80 RCW, relating to
AGO 1968 NO. 29 > Sep 5 1968
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE AIR POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD - POLLUTION - ASSUMPTION OF JURISDICTION AS TO AIR CONTAMINANT SOURCE. (1) When the state air pollution control board assumes jurisdiction over a particular type or class of air contaminant source, in the manner set forth in § 53, chapter
AGO 1968 NO. 30 > Sep 12 1968
DISTRICTS - SCHOOLS - ELECTIONS - TAXATION - PROCEDURE FOR CALLING SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT EXCESS LEVY ELECTION. Where the board of directors of a school district, by appropriate resolution, calls a special election for submission to the voters of a proposition to levy ad valorem property taxes in