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Office of the Attorney General

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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1968 NO. 31 > Oct 2 1968
FUNDS - STATE GENERAL - PAYMENT OF STATE TORT CLAIM JUDGMENTS. (1) The tort claims account in the state general fund cannot be regarded as a revolving fund under present law; therefore, tort judgments against the state can only be paid to the extent that appropriations have been made by the
AGO 1968 NO. 32 > Oct 8 1968
CITIES AND TOWNS - THIRD CLASS - ORDINANCES - PERPETUAL FRANCHISE TO RAILROAD COMPANY. A third class city in the state of Washington is not authorized to enact an ordinance granting a perpetual (irrevocable) franchise to a railroad company to permit the railroad to lay its tracks and spur lines
AGO 1968 NO. 33 > Nov 8 1968
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - AMENDMENT - COMPENSATION OF ALL ELECTIVE AND APPOINTIVE OFFICIALS - INCREASES. (1) The constitutional amendment contained in H.J.R. No. 13, which was voted upon at the 1968 general election, will become effective on the day of completion of the official canvass and issuance of
AGO 1968 NO. 34 > Nov 19 1968
COURTS - JUSTICE COURTS - 1961 ACT - DISBURSEMENT OF RECEIPTS - COSTS CHARGEABLE TO COUNTY. In a county to which the 1961 justice court act is applicable, the county's cost in providing courtrooms and offices for its district justice courts is to be included among the "total expenditures for such
AGO 1968 NO. 35 > Nov 20 1968
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - CORONER - AUTOPSIES - SUBMISSION OF BLOOD SAMPLES TO STATE TOXICOLOGIST BY CORONERS IN CASE OF ALL TRAFFIC FATALITIES. A county coroner may take a blood sample from a person killed in a traffic accident and submit this sample to the state toxicologist for
AGO 1968 NO. 36 > Dec 5 1968
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - AMENDMENT - COMPENSATION OF MUNICIPAL OFFICERS - INCREASES. (1) The constitutional amendment contained in H.J.R. No. 13, which was adopted by the voters at the 1968 general election, grants to all municipal officers who do not fix their own compensation a constitutional right
AGO 1968 NO. 37 > Dec 19 1968
MOTOR VEHICLES - DRIVERS' LICENSES - OPERATION OF CERTAIN MOTOR VEHICLES FOR COMPENSATION. In order for a person to be operating "for compensation" a motor vehicle requiring special operating skills, within the meaning of RCW 46.20.440, it is necessary that his operation of such a vehicle be a
AGO 1968 NO. 38 > Dec 30 1968
CIVIL DEFENSE - COMPENSATION FOR INJURIES - COVERAGE OF CERTAIN CIVIL DEFENSE WORKERS. Persons who are registered and identified as "civil defense workers" pursuant to RCW 38.52.010 (5), are not eligible for disability compensation benefits under RCW 38.52.260 where the civil defense type activity