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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1988 NO. 11 > May 20 1988
RECORDING CONVERSATIONS ‑- EMERGENCIES ‑- CENTRAL DISPATCH  1.         Communications between 911 Central Dispatch and law enforcement or fire personnel are generally not "private communications" under RCW 9.73.030, but in isolated cases could be "private." 2.         When a communication to 911
AGO 1988 NO. 12 > Jun 8 1988
PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ‑- PRIVACY ‑- CONFIDENTIAL INCOME INFORMATION              1.         When applying the statutory privacy standard in RCW 42.17.255, a public agency may inquire into the purpose for which a record is requested and may use the answer to aid in determining whether the public has a
AGO 1988 NO. 13 > Jun 15 1988
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- BOND ISSUES ‑- TAX LEVIES ‑- EQUIPMENT PURCHASES 1.         A school district may not impose a bond levy and issue negotiable bonds solely for the purpose of acquiring computers, other equipment, or furniture.  2.         A school district may not impose a six-year levy of taxes
AGO 1988 NO. 14 > Jun 24 1988
ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ‑- LAND SURVEYORS ‑- STATE CONTRACTS ‑- MUNICIPAL CORPORATION CONTRACTS The procedures outlined in ch. 39.80 RCW convey contracts with land surveyors
AGO 1988 NO. 15 > Jul 1 1988
PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICTS ‑- MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- EXTRATERRITORIAL OPERATIONS  1.         A public hospital district organized under chapter 70.44 RCW has the authority to construct and operate a drug and alcohol treatment center located outside the boundaries of the district, where the
AGO 1988 NO. 16 > Aug 30 1988
CRIMES ‑- FIREARMS It is not unlawful under RCW 9.41.250 to merely possess a device for suppressing the noise of a firearm.                                                               - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                   August 30, 1988
AGO 1988 NO. 17 > Sep 20 1988
PUBLIC WORKS--HOSPITAL DISTRICTS--PREVAILING WAGE LAW  1.  If a public hospital district constructs a district project through the device of leasing public hospital district property to a private property and leasing back some or all of it for hospital district use, the project is a public work for
AGO 1988 NO. 18 > Sep 22 1988
BUDGET AND APPROPRIATION ACTS ‑- PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- ECOLOGY DEPARTMENT  In distributing funds for water pollution control projects under chapter 70.146 RCW (Water Pollution Control Facilities Financing), the Department of Ecology is required to distribute funds according to percentages set forth in
AGO 1988 NO. 19 > Sep 27 1988
COUNTIES ‑- TAXATION ‑- INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT  A county may not, through an interlocal cooperation agreement with a city or other municipal corporation, use county revenue generated under the tax imposed pursuant to RCW 82.46.010(1) to fund capital improvements on property owned by the city or
AGO 1988 NO. 20 > Sep 29 1988
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BENEFIT AREA ‑- STREETS ‑- ROADS ‑- INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT  A public transportation benefit area may not use its funds for improvements or maintenance of public roads and streets by means of an interlocal cooperation agreement with cities and/or counties, because the