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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1992 NO. 21 > Sep 9 1992
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS--COMMISSIONERS--DISTRICTS--OFFICES AND OFFICERS--SALARIES AND WAGES--COMPENSATION--INSURANCE--OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT--Insurance as Compensation for Public Utility  District Commissioners and Manager 1.  RCW 54.12.080(4) provides that any public utility district providing
AGO 1992 NO. 22 > Sep 29 1992
CITIES AND TOWNS--CHARTERS--AMENDMENT--COUNTIES--AUDITOR---ELECTIONS--Requirements for Placing a City Charter Amendment on the Ballot In a charter city or charter code city the qualified voters may petition, asking for the adoption of a charter amendment.  If the petition meets the requirements of
AGO 1992 NO. 23 > Oct 13 1992
GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT--GROWTH PLANNING HEARINGS BOARDS--PROPERTY--ADMINISTRATIVE LAW--Appeal to Growth Planning Hearings Boards Based on Claim That Regulation has Negative Impact on Property 1.  RCW 36.70A.280 authorizes the Growth Planning Hearings Boards to hear petitions which allege that
AGO 1992 NO. 24 > Oct 19 1992
PENSIONS--POLICE--RETIREMENT--CITIES AND TOWNS--LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS--Change in Pension of Retired Member RCW 41.20.050 and .060 provide that a retired police officer will receive a pension equal to 50 percent of the amount of salary at any time attached to the position held at the date of
AGO 1992 NO. 25 > Oct 20 1992
CITIES AND TOWNS--ZONING--PREEMPTION--Preemption of Zoning Ordinances Related to Residential Care Facilities Licensed by the State 1.  RCW 70.128.175(2) provides that adult family homes shall be permitted uses in all areas zoned for residential or commercial purposes.  This statute preempts local
AGO 1992 NO. 26 > Nov 6 1992
LEOFF RETIREMENT SYSTEM---PENSIONS--RETIREMENT--Payment of Interest on Members' Accumulated Contributions RCW 41.26.060(8) authorizes the Director of Retirement Systems to fix the amount of interest to be credited to members' accumulated contributions at a rate which shall be based upon the net
AGO 1992 NO. 27 > Nov 13 1992
RAILROADS--CRIMES--NOISE--Obligation to Comply with Criminal Misdemeanor Statute, RCW 81.48.010 RCW 81.48.010 provides that it is a misdemeanor for an engineer driving a locomotive to fail to ring the bell or sound the whistle when approaching certain railroad crossings.  An engineer can comply
AGO 1992 NO. 28 > Nov 18 1992
GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT--COUNTIES--CITIES AND TOWNS--Applicability of the Growth Management Act to Cities Located in More Than One County 1.   RCW 36.70A.040 provides that if a county is required or chooses to adopt comprehensive land use plans and development regulations under the Growth Management
AGO 1992 NO. 29 > Dec 8 1992
DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES--FUNDS--INTEREST--Applicability of Requirement That Interest be Placed in the General Fund to Certain Funds Administered by the Department of Natural Resources 1.  RCW 43.84.092 provides that, with certain exceptions, earnings of investments of surplus balances in
AGO 1992 NO. 30 > Dec 22 1992
MEDICINE--CORPORATIONS--DRUGS AND MEDICINE--PROFESSIONAL REGULATION--Applicability of RCW 19.68.010 to Referrals for Infusion Therapy 1.  RCW 19.68.010 prohibits a person licensed to practice medicine in Washington from receiving a rebate, commission, or other consideration in connection with the