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AGO 1993 NO. 11 >
COUNTIES--POLICE POWER--CRIMES--PRISONERS--JAILS--SENTENCES--COSTS‑‑FEES--Authority of a county to charge a fee for booking prisoners sentenced to serve time in a county jail on intermittent days. 1.  Counties have the authority to define certain local offenses and to prescribe penalties for their
AGO 1993 NO. 12 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS--ELECTIONS--CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS--PUBLIC DISCLOSURE LAW--PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COMMISSION--Applicability of Initiative 134 to nonreimbursed public office related expenses. 1.  RCW 42.17.125, which governs the personal use of campaign contributions, does not authorize the use of
AGO 1993 NO. 13 >
STATE INVESTMENT BOARD--EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES--OFFICES AND OFFICERS--TREASURER--LEGISLATORS--CONFLICT OF INTEREST--Applicability of Executive Conflict of Interest Act to elected officials who are members of the State Investment Board Membership in the State Investment Board includes the State
AGO 1993 NO. 14 >
IRRIGATION--DISTRICTS--PROPERTY--ATTORNEYS--FEES--COSTS--Ability of an  irrigation district to recover attorneys' fees when foreclosing a delinquent assessment. RCW 87.03.271 provides that the lien for a delinquent irrigation district assessment includes costs such as attorneys' fees.  When the
AGO 1993 NO. 15 >
HEALTH CARE FACILITIES AUTHORITY‑‑HOSPITALS‑‑FEES--Ability of the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority to acquire and lease health care facilities 1.  RCW 70.37.040(5) empowers the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority to lease or sell health care facilities which the Authority has
AGO 1993 NO. 16 >
INITIATIVES AND REFERENDUM--APPROPRIATIONS--TAXATION--Interpretation of provisions of Initiatives 601 and 602 that deal with the same subject in different ways 1.  When two statutes passed by the Legislature deal with the same subject in different ways, the court will try to avoid any conflict by
AGO 1993 NO. 17 >
DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY--FIRE--AIR--POLLUTION--Regulation of outdoor burning by the Department of Ecology.           RCW 70.94.775 prohibits outdoor burning of certain listed substances as well as any substance that normally emits dense smoke or obnoxious odors.  The Department of Ecology has
AGO 1993 NO. 18 >
COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES‑‑CONTRACTS‑‑CORPORATIONS‑‑EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES--SALARIES AND WAGES--GIFTS--INVESTMENTS--Relationship between universities and nonprofit organizations that engage in fund-raising activities for them 1.  Institutions of higher education have the authority to enter into
AGO 1993 NO. 19 >
COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES--PUBLIC WORKS AND IMPROVEMENTS--CONTRACTS‑‑APPRENTICESHIPS‑‑Authority of a university to impose a bidding prequalification requirement that contractors must have an apprenticeship program A prequalification requirement prohibits a contractor from bidding on a public works
AGO 1993 NO. 20 >
HEALTH--DISTRICTS--Authority of local health officer to control spread of tuberculosis RCW 70.05.070 empowers local health officers to control and prevent the spread of any dangerous, contagious, or infectious disease.  RCW 70.28.031 empowers local health officers to examine and isolate persons