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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2006 NO. 11 > May 3 2006
CITIES AND TOWNS – COUNTIES – INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT – Including cost of tort liability in city/county agreement concerning allocation of criminal investigation and prosecution costs.  1.  When negotiating an agreement under RCW 39.34.180(2) for the allocation of the costs of conducting
AGO 2006 NO. 12 > May 30 2006
 1.  RCW 82.46.075 authorizes a county to impose certain sales and use taxes for the purpose of providing affordable housing for persons of low and moderate income; it does not violate the constitutional provisions against gifts and lending of credit to provide housing assistance to persons or
AGO 2006 NO. 13 > May 31 2006
INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM – Nature of “declaration” on petitions as required by RCW 29A.72.110–.130 as amended by Laws of 2005, ch. 239. 1.  RCW 29A.72.110-.130, as amended by Laws of 2005, ch. 239, requires each initiative or referendum petition to contain a printed “declaration” concerning
AGO 2006 NO. 14 > Jun 19 2006
STATE EMPLOYEES - PUBLIC EMPLOYEES – EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES – LABOR – COLLECTIVE BARGAINING – Circumstances in which a state employee may exercise a right of non-association with a labor union. 1.  State employees may exercise their right of nonassociation with a labor union under RCW 41.80.100(2
AGO 2006 NO. 15 > Jul 6 2006
FIREARMS – DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS – LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS – Authority of corrections officers to carry concealed weapon without obtaining a concealed weapon permit.   1.  Corrections officers may carry concealed pistols without obtaining a concealed weapon permit if they meet the statutory
AGO 2006 NO. 16 > Sep 25 2006
LEGISLATIVE ETHICS BOARD – LEGISLATURE – CODE REVISER – Jurisdiction of Legislative Ethics Board over Code Reviser employees for purposes of RCW 42.52.  For purposes of the Ethics in Government Act, RCW 42.52, the Code Reviser’s Office is an agency of the legislative branch of state government, and
AGO 2006 NO. 17 > Sep 25 2006
WATER – WATER RIGHTS – DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY – Extent of Department of Ecology’s discretion in reviewing decisions of local water conservancy boards. 1.  In reviewing a water conservancy board record of decision concerning a water right transfer application, the Department of Ecology is not limited
AGO 2006 NO. 18 > Oct 9 2006
TAXATION – PROPERTY – REAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX – CITIES AND TOWNS – COUNTIES – Effect on city and county if city chooses not to impose the optional sales and use tax authorized by RCW 82.14.030(2). 1.  If a city has chosen not to impose the optional sales and use tax authorized by RCW 82.14.030(2),
AGO 2006 NO. 19 > Nov 21 2006
FIREFIGHTERS – PENSIONS – CITIES AND TOWNS – Whether certain payments to current firefighters are “basic salary” for purposes of calculating pensions under RCW 41.18.  An increase in salary generally payable to all current firefighters, such as additional payment to all firefighters for qualifying