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AGLO 1973 NO. 81 > Jul 25 1973
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE EMPLOYEES' INSURANCE BOARD ‑- INSURANCE PROGRAMS ‑- CONTRACTS   Effect of chapter 147, Laws of 1973, Ex. Sess., upon existing insurance plans covering state employees payable solely from employee payroll deductions; necessity for insurance board's approval for
AGLO 1973 NO. 82 > Jul 25 1973
COURTS ‑- SUPERIOR ‑- DIVORCE ‑- COUNTY CLERK ‑- PAYMENTS   Under the provisions of § 12, chapter 157, Laws of 1973, Ex. Sess., if the court orders that support or maintenance payments be made to the clerk of court as trustee for remittance to the person entitled to receive the payments, this will
AGLO 1973 NO. 83 > Jul 25 1973
CHIROPRACTOR ‑- PHYSICIAN AND SURGEONS ‑- ADMINISTRATION OF BLOOD TESTS AND URINALYSIS EXAMINATIONS   It is not unlawful for a person licensed as a chiropractor to make urinalysis examainations or blood tests not involving the severing or penetrating of the tissues of a human being
AGLO 1973 NO. 84 > Jul 25 1973
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- PERSONNEL BOARD ‑- CIVIL SERVICE ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- PROBATIONARY PERIOD   The state personnel board may by regulation require permanent employees in the classified service (i.e., employees who have successfully completed an initial six-months probationary period) to
AGLO 1973 NO. 85 > Jul 27 1973
COUNTIES ‑- CARRIERS ‑- FERRIES ‑- AUTHORITY OF 7th CLASS COUNTY TO ENGAGE IN TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS   Except to the extent that it is authorized under RCW 36.54.010, et seq., to own and operate a ferry system, a 7th class county is not authorized to engage in the transportation business for hire
AGLO 1973 NO. 86 > Aug 1 1973
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ‑- REQUIREMENT OF SERVICES UNDER MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION ACT   While a prosecuting attorney who is authorized to have a private law practice may serve, in his private capacity, as legal counsel to represent the interests of a minor or dependent
AGLO 1973 NO. 87 > Aug 2 1973
COUNTIES ‑- COMMISSIONERS ‑- ADOPTION OF AMENDMENTS TO THE JUSTICE COURT DISTRICTING PLAN   A board of county commissioners is not divested of its authority to adopt amendments to its justice court districting plan by virtue of its failure to have done so within the time period specified in RCW 3.
AGLO 1973 NO. 88 > Aug 30 1973
COURTS ‑- SUPERIOR ‑- COMMISSIONERS ‑- ISSUANCE OF ARREST WARRANT; SET BAIL; HOLD AN ARRAIGNMENT   Superior court commissioners have the authority under Article IV, § 23 of the Washington state Constitution to (1) direct the issuance of a warrant when an information is filed in a criminal
AGLO 1973 NO. 89 > Aug 30 1973
COUNTIES ‑- AMBULANCES ‑- OPERATION OF UNDER CHAPTER 89, LAWS OF 1972, EX. SESS   Chapter 89, Laws of 1972, Ex. Sess., authorizes a third class county to establish an ambulance service for the entire county including that portion of the county lying within an incorporated city or town; such county
AGLO 1973 NO. 90 > Aug 30 1973
INCOMPATIBLE OFFICES ‑- COUNTY TREASURER ‑- DISTRICT COURT JUDGE The offices of county treasurer and district court judge are incompatible public offices