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Bob Ferguson

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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- GOVERNOR ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- SECRETARY OF STATE ‑- VETO ‑- EFFECTIVE DATE OF BILL PARTIALLY VETOED BY GOVERNOR DURING LEGISLATIVE SESSION Where during a legislative session and prior to the general adjournment thereof a bill not subject to referendum and bearing an
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- TREASURER ‑- PUBLIC DEPOSIT PROTECTION COMMISSION ‑- INTEREST ‑- DEPOSITS OF STATE FUNDS From and after the effective date of chapter 50, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., the public deposit protection commission will no longer have any interest-fixing function to
AGLO NO. 24 >
INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- ADMINISTRATIVE CODE ‑- OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- WOMEN'S COUNCIL (1) The term "state agency" as used in RCW 42.17.250 includes, in addition to all of the various statutory state boards and commissions, such nonstatutory boards as the Washington state women's council. (2
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INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- BUDGET ‑- SUBMISSION OF BUDGET REQUEST TO LEGISLATURE (1) When requested by a committee or member of the legislature, a state agency may disclose to that committee or member information relating to programming, revenue, spending or other fiscal matters involving
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES ‑- BONDS ‑- FUNDING OF IMPROVEMENTS AT THE STATE VETERANS' HOME AND STATE SOLDIERS' HOME Because they are included in the comprehensive plan for social and health service facilities provided for under chapter 130, Laws of
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PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- LEOFF ‑- IMPAIRMENT OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS The sixty percent maximum of final average salary, as provided in § 3, chapter 120, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., may not constitutionally be applied to the presently active members of LEOFF
AGLO NO. 28 >
COURTS ‑- DISTRICT ‑- JUSTICE ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- ATTORNEYS A nonlawyer who is currently serving as a full-time district court judge in a first class county may not file a declaration of candidacy for reelection in November, 1974, to a new term of office commencing in January, 1965, in view of the
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COURTS ‑- DISTRICT ‑- JUSTICE ‑- ALLOCATION OF DISTRICT COURT JUDGES A county with population of 46,000, statutorily authorized two district court judges pursuant to RCW 3.34.010, may not provide within its county districting plan for one judicial district with one full-time and one part-time judge
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COUNTIES ‑- SEWERS ‑- EASEMENTS ‑- INSTALLATION OF FACILITIES ON PRIVATE LANDS A county, in the exercise of its authority under chapter 36.94 RCW, to construct and maintain a drainage system, may place any of the physical facilities involved on privately owned land pursuant to easements by the
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DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- CONTRACTS Where a school district has entered into a supplemental contract with a certificated employee to serve as high school principal and athletic coach, as provided for in RCW 28A.67.074, the district may not terminate that individual's employment as