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AGLO 1974 NO. 72 > Jul 23 1974
ELECTIONS ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- FILING FEES ‑- COMPUTATION OF LEGISLATORS' FILING FEES FOR 1974 ELECTIONS The filing fee to be paid by candidates for election to the state legislature at the November, 1974, state general election for terms commencing in January, 1975, is $38.00
AGLO 1974 NO. 72 > Jul 30 1974
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION ‑- STATUS AS AGENCY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF STATE GOVERNMENT The oceanographic commission is an agency of the executive branch of state government and not a legislative interim committee
AGLO 1974 NO. 74 > Jul 30 1974
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- FIRST CLASS ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- POWER OF FIRST CLASS CITIES TO PERFORM VARIOUS HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONS Subject to constitutional or stautory limitations, cities of the first class may, by appropriate action of their own legislative authorities, engage in certain "human resource
AGLO 1974 NO. 75 > Jul 31 1974
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- TIME OF ELECTION TO FILL VACANCY ON CITY COUNCIL OF THIRD CLASS CITY A vacancy on the city council of a third class city occurring in June of 1974, is to be filled under RCW 35.24.100, by appointment until the November, 1975, municipal general elections; thereafter
AGLO 1974 NO. 76 > Aug 29 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- ECOLOGY ‑- ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENTS INVOLVING SCHOOL CLOSURES Whether an environmental impact statement must be filed by a school board in connection with the closing of any school or other facility will depend on the facts of that particular situation and the extent
AGLO 1974 NO. 77 > Aug 30 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- WATER ‑- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ‑- APPROVAL OF FORMATION OF WATER DISTRICT In acting upon a proposal to form a water district under RCW 57.02.040, a board of county commissioners is to make certain determinations; however, the board may properly receive and consider the advice of the
AGLO 1974 NO. 78 > Sep 5 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- FIRE PROTECTION ‑- COUNTIES ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- MUNICIPALITIES ‑- SERVICE CHARGES FOR CERTAIN FIRE PROTECTION Chapter 126, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., does not authorize a board of fire commissioners to impose a service charge on real and personal property owned
AGLO 1974 NO. 79 > Sep 11 1974
PENSIONS ‑- RETIREMENT ‑- FIREMEN ‑- COMPUTATION OF CERTAIN DISABILITY RETIREMENT BENEFITS Where a municipal fireman otherwise eligible for a disability retirement allowance under the provisions of RCW 41.18.060 was, at the time of retirement, holding a rank or receiving a salary in excess of that
AGLO 1974 NO. 80 > Sep 18 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- LANDS ‑- REVERSIONARY INTEREST OF STATE IN CERTAIN LANDS ACQUIRED FOR SCHOOL SITES The provisions of RCW 79.01.780 require a reversion to the state of the interest conveyed under either RCW 79.01.096 or 79.01.770 in the event the land thus acquired has not been utilized for
AGLO 1974 NO. 81 > Sep 26 1974
BONDS ‑- ADVANCE REFUNDING ‑- INVESTMENT OF PROCEEDS ‑- ROUNDING OUT MATURITIES In establishing the principal amounts of annual maturities for advance refunding bonds issued to refund voted general obligation bonds, under RCW 39.53.090, the issuer may increase the principal amount of any maturity