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Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1975 NO. 61 > Jul 9 1975
INSURANCE ‑- STOCK ‑- CAPITAL STOCK REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTAIN LINES OF INSURANCE BUSINESS Determination of the amount of paid-in capital stock necessary in order to allow a certain domestic stock insurer to transact disability insurance along with its existing life insurance line
AGLO 1975 NO. 62 > Jul 17 1975
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- HIGHWAYS DEPARTMENT ‑- DISPOSITION OF CERTAIN SURPLUS HIGHWAY LAND (1) In those instances in which the highway lands (including air space) purchased with motor vehicle fund moneys are to be leased or sold to a county or city for nonhighway purposes, the purchaser or
AGLO 1975 NO. 63 > Jul 17 1975
TAXATION ‑- COUNTIES ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- FUNDS ‑- STATE ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- DIVISION OF CERTAIN LOCAL EXCISE TAX REVENUES Extent to which the 1975 legislature may constitutionally divert proceeds derived from local motor vehicle excise taxes under RCW 35.58.273, et seq., from the taxing
AGLO 1975 NO. 64 > Jul 21 1975
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- GOVERNOR ‑- LEGISLATURE ‑- POWER OF GOVERNOR TO RECALL LEGISLATURE DURING RECESS When, during a special session of the legislature which has been convened by the governor under Article III, § 7 of the Washington constitution, a concurrent resolution is adopted by
AGLO 1975 NO. 65 > Jul 29 1975
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ‑- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ‑- EMPLOYMENT OF SPECIAL ATTORNEY Where a county, the county commissioners, and prosecuting attorney are sued in their official capacities and a special attorney is employed pursuant to RCW 36.32.200, the costs thus incurred
AGLO 1975 NO. 66 > Jul 30 1975
DAIRIES AND FOODS ‑- AGRICULTURE ‑- FILLED DAIRY PRODUCTS Filled dairy products may be manufactured in the state of Washington solely for export to out-of-state destinations under RCW 15.38.020
AGLO 1975 NO. 67 > Jul 31 1975
OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- UTILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION ‑- REGULATION OF CERTAIN OIL TANKERS The utilities and transportation commission is not authorized by chapter 125, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess. to adopt rules and regulations governing the operation of oil tankers or their
AGLO 1975 NO. 68 > Aug 7 1975
COMMUNITY COLLEGES ‑- EMPLOYEES ‑- SALARIES ‑- APPROPRIATION ‑- STATE ‑- SALARY INCREASES FOR COMMUNITY COLLEGE EMPLOYEES So much of § 11, chapter 269, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess., as provides that not more than $117,016,320 in general fund moneys shall be expended for the continuation of certain
AGLO 1975 NO. 69 > Aug 8 1975
DISTRICTS ‑- FIRE PROTECTION ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- FIRST ELECTION OF FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS Persons other than those nominated by the board of county commissioners under RCW 52.04.070 may be candidates for election to a board of fire protection district commissioners upon the initial
AGLO 1975 NO. 70 > Aug 11 1975
INITIATIVE NO. 276 ‑- ELECTIONS ‑- APPLICABILITY TO NEGATIVE POLITICAL COMMITTEES A "political committee", within the meaning of Initiative No. 276, is not merely an organization which is formed for the purpose of supporting particular candidates for public office but, in addition, as defined in