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Bob Ferguson

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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- RECALL ‑- NUMBER OF SIGNATURES NECESSARY FOR RECALL OF COUNTY OFFICER The percentage of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for a certain King county office which is determinative of the number of voters who must sign a petition to recall the person
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES ‑- REGULATION OF LENGTH OF HAIR AND BEARDS WORN BY PRISONERS IN STATE PENAL INSTITUTIONS The provisions of RCW 36.63.130 do authorize (but do not require) the department of social and health services, acting through the
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DISTRICTS ‑- PUBLIC UTILITIES ‑- BONDS ‑- OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES ‑- SALE OF PUBLIC UTILITY REVENUE OBLIGATIONS TO DISTRICT EMPLOYEES  (1) A public utility district is authorized by RCW 54.24.060 to sell its utility revenue obligations in such manner as the board of commissioners shall deem for
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PENSIONS ‑- WASHINGTON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS' AND FIRE FIGHTERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM ‑- DISABILITY LEAVE ‑- DISABILITY RETIREMENT (1) A local disability board may allow a member of the retirement system who has previously been granted a disability leave, to return to duty on a conditional basis
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ABORTIONS ‑- MARRIAGE ‑- RESIDENCE ‑- NECESSITY FOR CONSENT BY HUSBAND TO TERMINATION OF MARRIED WOMAN'S PREGNANCY (1) A married woman does not have to be physically residing in the same place of abode as her husband at the time of termination of her pregnancy under RCW 9.02.070 in order for his
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PENSIONS ‑- FIRE FIGHTERS ‑- WASHINGTON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS' AND FIRE FIGHTERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- PAYMENT OF CERTAIN PENSION OBLIGATIONS Monies in a city's paid firemen's pension fund established pursuant to RCW 41.16.050 may not be used to fund employers' contributions
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COUNTIES ‑- PLATS AND SUBDIVISIONS ‑- LEASING OF LAND FOR MOBILE HOMES (1) The provisions of chapter 58.17 RCW, relating to plats and subdivisions, are applicable to mobile home parks where the ownership of an entire parcel remains in the developer or operator of the park, but the parcel is divided
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ELECTIONS ‑- VOTER REGISTRATION RECORDS ‑- APPORTIONMENT OF MAINTENANCE EXPENSES (1) Section 4, chapter 202, Laws of 1971, Ex. Sess., requires each incorporated city or town located in a particular county to pay a proportionate share of the county's expenses of maintenance of voter registration
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- PROSECUTING ATTORNEY ‑- PARTICIPATION IN MENTAL ILLNESS HEARINGS A county prosecuting attorney has the legal obligation to appear and participate in mental illness hearings in support of an application for commitment of a person alleged to be a "mentally ill"
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MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS ‑- RECIPROCITY ‑- BRITISH COLUMBIA ‑- PLACEMENT ONWASHINGTONRESIDENT'S TRAFFIC RECORD The department of motor vehicles may, upon receipt of a report of a British Columbia traffic violation from the proper authorities, place such report on