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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1974 NO. 21 > Oct 23 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOLS ‑- FUNDS ‑- PARTICIPATION IN INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC EVENTS (1) Some form of official action by the board of directors of a school district is required in order to authorize the district to engage in interscholastic athletic events as a part of its over-all educational program
AGO 1974 NO. 22 > Oct 30 1974
VETERANS ‑- PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT ‑- CIVIL SERVICE ‑- VETERANS' PREFERENCE IN COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS The provisions of RCW 41.04.010, as amended by § 1, chapter 170, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., do not permit the use of the "veterans' preference" on a competitive entrance examination for covered
AGO 1974 NO. 23 > Nov 13 1974
MINING ‑- SURFACE ‑- CITES AND TOWNS ‑- LICENSES ‑- REGULATION OF SURFACE MINING IN SHORELINE AREAS If a surface mining operation for which a state permit has been issued under chapter 64, Laws of 1970, constitutes a "development" as defined in § 3 of the shoreline management act of 1971 (RCW 90.58
AGO 1974 NO. 24 > Dec 23 1974
DISTRICTS ‑- FIRE PROTECTION ‑- CIVIL SERVICE ‑- ABOLITION OF CIVIL SERVICE SYSTEM A fire protection district which has, by resolution, established a civil service program for its full-time paid firemen under RCW 52.36.060 may not later rescind that resolution and abolish such program in the
AGO 1974 NO. 25 > Dec 24 1974
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- OPTIONAL MUNICIPAL CODE ‑- PROPERTY ‑- SALES ‑- COMPETITIVE BIDS Unless restricted by the provisions of it own charter, a code city may, but is not required to call for bids on real property owned by it before selling such property either to a private party or to any other