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If you get a letter from the “State Record Retrieval Board” ordering you to pay $87 to obtain a  copy of your property deed, don’t panic. And don’t pay.

Washington residents began receiving letters like this one in November. The mailers warn that if you don’t order a certified copy of your property deed by Nov. 29, you’ll pay an additional $35 fee. The so-called “board” behind these letters isn’t a government agency. And the Olympia address on the mailers is just a UPS Store drop box -- the real sender is a California-based business with the "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We saw this same ploy used a few years ago by the National Deed Service, Inc. And it’s similar to the marketing efforts used by organizations that sell labor law posters. 

If you need a copy of your property deed for some reason, you can pick one up for $10 or less from your county auditor.

Thanks to the BBB in Spokane for helping us get the warning out about this letter.


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