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Bob Ferguson

For Serious Injury

Trooper Scott L. Johnson
Trooper Scott L. Johnson
Washington State Patrol
On February 13, 2010, Washington Trooper Scott Johnson was assisting another trooper in Long Beach with a DUI arrest. The other trooper took the driver to the Long Beach Police Department for BAC testing. Trooper Johnson stayed at the scene and began the process for impounding the vehicle. As Trooper Johnson was filling out the inventory report, a male suspect, approached him from behind. The suspect put the barrel of a small caliber handgun into the back of Trooper Johnson's head and pulled the trigger. Trooper Johnson staggered from the force of the bullet. He thought he was going to pass out but fought to maintain consciousness. The tow truck driver who was on the scene ran to his aide. Trooper Johnson fired two shots at the assailant, but the shots missed the shooter. Trooper Johnson refrained from any further fire because he was concerned about bystanders being struck. As the blood was flowing from his head, Trooper Johnson then got his gun out of his patrol vehicle and armed the tow truck driver in case the assailant returned. Trooper Johnson was quickly transported to the hospital. He subsequently recovered from his injuries and was elected Sheriff of Pacific County in November 2010.

For Meritorious Conduct

Sergeant Troy Brightbill
Sergeant Troy Brightbill
Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department
On December 4th, Sgt. Brightbill along with Deputies Spaulding, Pattison, Hammer and Bauman and Reserve Deputy Park responded to the call for assistance at 4523 Pennsylvania Street in Longview. The call came in regards to a male resident at the address who was intoxicated and agitated breaking things and carrying a samurai sword. The suspect's brother was immediately evacuated from the residence out a bedroom window. Sgt. Brightbill obtained information that the suspects 73 year old mother was still in the house. Sgt. Brightbill was unable to get her attention from outside the house to evacuate her. Deputy Bauman could hear the suspect getting louder and more agitated.  Sgt. Brightbill quickly formed a 4 man entry team to go inside the residence to evacuate the suspect's mother. As they began to force entry, the suspect became more enraged.  Sgt. Brightbill saw through the window the suspect's mother come out of back room and  saw the suspect began to advance forward toward her with the sword raised and believed he was going to attack her. Deputy Bauman was able to kick open the front door and Sgt. Brightbill who was holding a taser entered the residence grabbing the woman and pulling her out the door while simultaneously firing his taser at the suspect who was advancing toward him with the sword. Sgt. Brightbill initially thought the taser had missed and stated that he believed his lethal cover would have had no other choice than to fire on the suspect, however the taser did hit the suspect temporarily incapacitating him and allowing him to be taken into custody unharmed.