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On September 24, 2021, the Wing Luke Civil Rights Division of the Washington Attorney General’s Office (AGO) entered into a Consent Decree with Greyhound Lines, Inc., in the case of State of Washington v. Greyhound Lines, Inc., Spokane County Superior Court No. 20-2-01236-32. The parties filed the Consent Decree with the Court and it has been approved. To learn more about the lawsuit, you can read the State’s complaint, or the Consent Decree.

As part of the Consent Decree, Greyhound has paid $2.2 million, which will provide restitution to passengers impacted by Greyhound’s unlawful conduct. Restitution will be distributed by the AGO to Greyhound customers and passengers who were detained, arrested or deported after immigration agents approached them, or boarded a Greyhound bus, at the Spokane Intermodal Center. The amount of restitution each individual receives will depend on the number of claims and the severity of harms suffered due to Greyhound’s conduct, as determined by the AGO.

If you think you, or a family member, may be eligible to receive a restitution payment, you must submit a claim with the AGO by March 31, 2022. After reviewing the claims, and following up for additional information as necessary, the office expects to begin issuing checks by summer of 2022. There are four ways to submit claims:

  • Fill out the online form
  • Email the completed form to Greyhound@atg.wa.gov
  • Message the completed form using WhatsApp to 206-518-2723
  • Mail the completed form to:
    • Washington State Greyhound Claims c/o Greyhound Team
      800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
      Seattle, WA 98104

The Attorney General’s Office is not part of the federal government and submitting a claim does not require you to disclose your immigration status or pay a fee. The Attorney General’s Office will not ask about immigration status.

If you have questions, contact the Attorney General’s Office by phone at 1-833-660-4877 (choose option 8 from the main menu), or by email at Greyhound@atg.wa.gov.