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Nov 09 2009

PearsonRep. Kirk Pearson, R-Monroe, has penned a terrific guest editorial about the domestic violence bill he's sponsoring in the State House.

Nov 13 2009

McKenna_FOSI2On Nov. 5, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna received an award for Outstanding Achievement from FOSI, The Family Online Safety Institute

Nov 19 2009

AEDadTwo recent stories remind us of the danger faced by young people, especially those in college, when they experiment with stimulants. First, the federal government announced on Friday that it will investigate "alcoholic energy drinks." These boozy beverages are mixed with caffeine or other stimulants.

Nov 24 2009

FourKOMO TV reports on a drunken Auburn teen who called the cops on herself

Dec 02 2009

This story shows the importance of reforming our domestic violence laws.

The Sun reports that Edward Mark Olsen allegedly  poured gasoline over his ex-girlfriend and 12-year old son— while they lay sleeping. As is often the case in the worst domestic violence attacks, Olsen had a history of domestic abuse. The bill we are working on for the 2010 legislative session helps keep repeat offenders like Olsen off the streets.