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Bob Ferguson

Mar 08 2011

Yesterday's Tri-City Herald editorial includes numbers that underscore the importance of tackling the state's public safety emergency.

Mar 09 2011

Today, I bid my goodbye to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. It has been a short yet successful run, and I am extremely grateful for these past three months.

Mar 17 2011

Unfortunately, a series of new gang crimes are in the news this week.

Mar 31 2011

To quote a “Frostyism” (Frosty Westering, Hall of Fame head football coach, PLU, 1972-2003) from my time playing and coaching at Pacific Lutheran University: “Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s floors of bathrooms.”

So as the papers and news broadcasts move away from the disaster and recovery efforts in Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) is keeping the issue at the forefront.

Apr 06 2011

PoolIn February, the Yakima Herald reported an ominous development at a protest against the rumored closure of a local swimming pool: The police chief spotted a repeat sex offender among the demonstrators.