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Bob Ferguson

Sep 29 2010


We’ve all had little incidents in life that required us to be given prescription drugs -- pain medication for a wisdom teeth extraction or antibiotics for a bad flu. However, once the ailment runs its course, many of us simply put the unfinished pills in the medicine cabinet and forget about them. This has become problematic nowadays as prescription drug abuse has skyrocketed and the overdose figures have never been higher.

Oct 01 2010

During the month of October, the Attorney General’s Office will join others statewide in displaying purple lights to remember domestic violence victims who lost their lives, support survivors and symbolize hope for those still living with abuse.

DV1Purple Light Night

Oct 08 2010

Authorities in Kennewick will be on the lookout for this man on Wednesday.


Oct 08 2010

As he winds down his final week at the AGO before starting a new (paid!) job, Public Affairs Intern Darius Schwarz shares some wisdom for those still struggling to find that next rung.