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Attorney General McKenna has a guest column about prescription drug abuse in this week's Snoqualmie Valley Record:

In December, actress Britney Murphy was found dead in her Los Angeles home. Authorities reported that the 32 year-old died of “natural causes.”

But 32-year-olds don’t usually die of natural causes. An autopsy now reveals that Murphy experienced “multiple drug intoxication” from prescription drugs. This month, her death was reclassified as accidental.

Unfortunately, Murphy’s prescription drug-related death was far from an isolated incident.

Read the rest on ValleyRecord.com. AG McKenna will speak at the Youth Prescription Drug Abuse Community Education Forum, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, at Mount Si High School. The forum’s organizers ask adults to check, lock and dispose of prescription drugs. For more information, call (425) 831-3404 or email foundation@snoqualmiehospital.org.

-Dan Sytman-