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Apr 02 2010
A Franklin County Judge today sided with the state Deparment of Ecology and Easterday Farms in ruling that the state's groundwater statute places no limits on stock watering. The decision allows cattle ranchers and dairy farmers to continue to access the water they need for their livestock without a permit. 
Mar 17 2010
Our state’s laws allow access to most government records. All you have to do is ask. Generally, these laws work as intended, allowing citizens to engage in an open and transparent dialogue with the government that serves them.
Mar 04 2010
 AG McKenna has just returned from a meeting with his fellow attorneys general. During the annual meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), AG McKenna co-moderated a panel titled “Prescription Drug Abuse, The Invisible Epidemic.” 
Mar 04 2010
 Attorney General McKenna's guest editorial on the AGO's child pornography bill appeared in Friday's Tri-City Herald.
Jan 28 2010
Congratulations to Labor and Industries Division Chief Evelyn Fielding Lopez! The Washington State Bar Association has honored her with its Local Hero Award..."it’s important for leaders to encourage and facilitate volunteerism and commitment to service among the people they manage, and to set an example by volunteering themselves,"
Jan 11 2010
On Tuesday the 9th Circuit ruled to restore voting rights to felons on a finding of racial discrimination in Washington’s criminal justice system. The decision garnered editorial attention all across the state, and even an entry in The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.
Jan 07 2010
Yesterday, Attorney General Rob McKenna told reporters he will appeal a Ninth Circuit Court ruling that would give felons the right to vote.  Secretary of State joined the conference by phone to offer his support.
Jan 05 2010
Yesterday we unveiled our legislative agenda for 2010.  We’re gratified that our bills have received support from editorial boards across the state.
Dec 02 2009
This story shows the importance of reforming our domestic violence laws. The Sun reports that Edward Mark Olsen allegedly  poured gasoline over his ex-girlfriend and 12-year old son— while they lay sleeping. As is often the case in the worst domestic violence attacks, Olsen had a history of domestic abuse. The bill we are working on for the 2010 legislative session helps keep repeat offenders like Olsen off the streets.
Nov 24 2009
KOMO TV reports on a drunken Auburn teen who called the cops on herself