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Bob Ferguson

Aug 15 2016
Attorney General Bob Ferguson urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit to reject two cases challenging Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws.
Jun 15 2016
SPOKANE — The Spokane Division of the Washington Attorney General’s Office now bears the name of former Attorney General and Gov. Chris Gregoire.
Apr 7 2016
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today released a report of the internal Attorney General’s Office review of the AGO’s role in the Department of Corrections sentencing errors disclosed late last year.
Apr 2 2016
OLYMPIA — Late yesterday, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law agency-request legislation from Attorney General Bob Ferguson for a plan to tackle challenges posed by the significant number of driver’s license suspensions in Washington.
Mar 28 2016
OLYMPIA — The Washington State Senate today approved a bill to reduce youth access to vapor products, in a 37-6 vote. The bill combines multiple proposals, including agency request legislation from Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee.
Mar 21 2016
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today offered the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court denying an attempt to invoke its original jurisdiction in Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado.
Jan 29 2016
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson applauded yesterday’s bipartisan, 5-2 Senate Government Operations & Security Committee vote in favor of his bill to modernize the Open Public Meetings Act. 
Jan 27 2016
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today welcomed the approval of his bill to update the Open Public Meetings Act by the House State Government Committee.  Ferguson’s agency-request legislation would modernize the penalties for knowingly violating the Act’s requirements from $100 to $500, roughly in line with inflation since the law was enacted in 1971.  The bill also adds an increased penalty of $1,000 for repeat knowing violations.
Jan 21 2016
OLYMPIA — Tomorrow, a state appeals court in Tacoma will hear a challenge to the state's voter-approved recreational marijuana law.
Jan 8 2016
OLYMPIA — Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced his proposed bipartisan legislation to increase transparency in government by enhancing penalties for violations of Washington’s Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA).