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Bob Ferguson

Sep 25 2014
SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement after today’s announcement that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will resign when his successor is confirmed.  
Sep 15 2014
SEATTLE – Attorney General Bob Ferguson has invited attorneys from around the state to meet with him about volunteering to provide legal services to unaccompanied immigrant children.
Sep 3 2014
OLYMPIA — Statement from Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Jenny Durkan’s resignation as U.S. Attorney  
Aug 29 2014
TACOMA — The Attorney General’s Office today presented arguments in MMH, LLC v. Fife in Pierce County Superior Court before Judge Culpepper. Solicitor General Noah Purcell gave oral arguments on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office.
Aug 19 2014
OLYMPIA — The Attorney General’s Office yesterday filed a brief in the case of MMH, LLC v. Fife. The plaintiffs in this case seek to open marijuana businesses in Fife despite the city’s ban on such businesses. The city argues that it is not required to allow such businesses under Initiative 502. The city also argues that if I-502 does require it to allow such businesses, then I-502 is preempted by federal law. The AGO intervened in this case to defend I-502 and its proper interpretation.
Aug 15 2014
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson yesterday asked the U.S. District Court in Seattle, Wash. for permission to file an amicus, or “friend of the court,” brief in the J.E.F.M. v. Holder lawsuit. Ferguson believes that unaccompanied immigrant children — children under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when they are apprehended in the United States — should not be forced to represent themselves in complex deportation hearings in which the child’s future is at stake.
Jul 31 2014
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today moved to intervene in three marijuana lawsuits filed against the cities of Wenatchee and Fife. Businesses that applied for marijuana licenses have sued these cities in Chelan and Pierce County Superior Courts to challenge city ordinances that block them from operating. The AGO is intervening to defend Initiative 502, not to support the plaintiffs’ or cities’ positions.
Jul 22 2014
Spokane – A Spokane woman stands accused of raking in more than $100,000 in disability benefits while working with her husband to operate his motel, and their nightclub and apartment building.
May 20 2014
The Attorney General’s Office is hosting a discussion with distinguished panelists regarding state Rep. John Goldmark’s 1962 “red-baiting” attack, and the historic lawsuit that followed.
May 5 2014
Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement regarding the news that Billy Frank, Jr. died today.