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Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp and others accused of price-fixing SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced a lawsuit accusing the makers of Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp and five other brands of liquid crystal display (LCD) screens of fixing prices.
SEATTLE – The Y2K bug was the big concern in the computer world when makers of DRAM computer memory conspired to raise prices. More than a decade later, the companies and a group of state attorneys general have negotiated a $173 million antitrust settlement in principle with six of the world’s top manufacturers.
SEATTLE – While marketing a drug to lower cholesterol, attorneys general say pharmaceutical giants Abbott and Fournier fattened their wallets by clogging the pathway for cheaper generics to be sold.
SEATTLE – It’s payback time for Enron, Attorney General Rob McKenna announced today. The Attorney General’s Office sent more than $9 million this week to programs that will benefit utility customers who were gouged by the manufactured energy crisis of 2000-2001.
OLYMPIA—Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Yahoo! Inc. and Google Inc. have abandoned their proposed advertising agreement after being informed that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), joined by several states, would bring an antitrust lawsuit to block the deal.  Fifteen states participated in the investigation, which was led by Washington, California, New York, and Texas. 
SEATTLE -- Attorney General Rob McKenna today released the final results from the state’s year-long investigation into gas prices. The investigation, which included an in-depth analysis of factors influencing prices at the pump, found variations across Washington communities are due to the cost of obtaining and transporting fuel to stations and local competition – not illegal price manipulation. Increasing worldwide demand for oil and an inability for regional refineries to meet local supply demands are the primary contributors to erratically climbing prices, experts added.
SEATTLE - Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna today expressed concerns over the recently announced online advertising alliance between Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc.
The Washington Attorney General’s Antitrust Division has received several inquiries and concerns regarding the new “print on demand” or “POD” policy recently implemented by Amazon.com.
SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he and attorneys general from 19 states have filed a civil complaint against the manufacturer and marketers of TriCor, a drug prescribed to lower cholesterol. The states’ complaint filed today in U.S. District Court in Delaware accuses Abbott Laboratories, based in Illinois; Fournier  Industrie Et Sante, of France; and subsidiary Laboratoires Fournier, S.A., with violating federal antitrust laws by delaying the availability of a cheaper generic versions of the medicine. The suit also alleges the defendants violated Washington consumer protection and antitrust laws.
OLYMPIA…The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit today issued an opinion in Costco Wholesale Corporation’s antitrust lawsuit challenging nine specific restraints on the sale and distribution of beer and wine in Washington.