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Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Jan 25 2005
SEATTLE -- Checks totaling over $10 million will begin to go out this week to electric utilities in Washington that raised rates during the western states' energy crisis of 2000-2001. Those utilities will in turn issue bill credits or refunds to their commercial and industrial customers in the near future.
Jul 12 2004
OLYMPIA -- The failure of federal energy regulators to act may preclude Northwest ratepayers from ever getting financial relief for fraud committed by Enron traders, Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire warned today.
Jun 14 2004
OLYMPIA -- Four private attorneys paid by Clark County to provide legal services to indigent criminal defendants have agreed not to set terms and rates for their services in a manner that would violate state antitrust laws.
Jun 7 2004
OLYMPIA -- Thousands of compact discs worth more than $1.5 million are rolling into Washington schools and libraries this week as a result of a national antitrust settlement.
Mar 12 2004
SEATTLE -- Eight organizations that promote health and nutrition will receive $165,315 as a result of an antitrust settlement with the manufacturer of the George Foreman Grill.
Feb 19 2004
SEATTLE -- Checks go in the mail tomorrow for millions of compact disc buyers who filed claims in a national antitrust price-fixing case.
Jan 27 2004
SEATTLE -- The deadline to file claims in the Taxol antitrust case has been extended through Feb. 29, 2004. Thousands of claims have already been filed nationwide, but due to a substantial increase in the numbers of claims and of claim form requests, the deadline has once again been extended to give consumers additional time to submit claims.
Dec 8 2003
SEATTLE -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced a plan for distributing approximately $37 million the state will receive over the next 20 years from antitrust settlements with two major energy companies, Williams Energy and El Paso Energy.
Sep 29 2003
OLYMPIA - Patients who used the heart and blood pressure medication Cardizem CD or its generic equivalents between 1998-2003 now have until Nov. 15 to file claims seeking reimbursement under a nationwide antitrust settlement with two drug manufacturers.
Sep 24 2003
OLYMPIA -- The Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have filed consent orders that will change the way some Yakima physicians negotiate with private insurance plans over reimbursement rates for physician services.