Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Jan 25 2016
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that his office has asked a court to grant summary judgment and penalize the Grocery Manufacturers Association for GMA’s intentional subterfuge in an effort to elude state campaign-finance laws. Ferguson also asked the court to unseal “confidential” GMA documents in the landmark case.
Oct 14 2015
OLYMPIA — The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) today announced that it has filed a complaint in Thurston County Superior Court alleging campaign finance violations by the Freedom Foundation. Specifically, the AGO alleges that the Freedom Foundation failed to properly and timely file independent expenditure reports disclosing the value of the legal services it provided to support ballot propositions in the cities of Sequim, Chelan and Shelton, as required under the state’s campaign finance laws.
Jun 10 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today his office will offer a formal opinion in response to a request from Senator Pam Roach related to the City of Pasco’s proposed district-only voting system.
Jun 13 2014
Thurston County Superior Court Judge Christine Schaller today ruled the state’s case against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) could move forward, rejecting the GMA’s motion to dismiss the case in its entirety on constitutional grounds.
Jan 16 2014
In response to a request from Sharon Foster, chair of the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the Attorney General’s Office today released a formal Attorney General’s Opinion regarding local ordinances affecting new marijuana businesses in Washington. 
Jan 13 2014
Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that he would vigorously defend the constitutionality of Washington’s campaign finance disclosure laws— and the enforcement of these laws— against a challenge filed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).
Nov 20 2013
This afternoon in Thurston County Superior Court, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) amended its lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The amended complaint increases the amount the state alleges the GMA collected from its members to oppose Initiative 522 without complying with Washington’s campaign finance laws from $7.2 million to $10.6 million. This is the largest amount the state has ever addressed in a campaign finance concealment case.
Oct 30 2013
The Attorney General’s Office today provided the following update regarding the Grocery Manufacturers Association against I-522 and its compliance with state campaign finance laws.
Oct 18 2013
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has agreed to disclose the financing of its campaign to oppose Initiative 522. The agreement eliminates the need to seek court intervention to compel such disclosure. The GMA agreed to file reports with the Public Disclosure Commission and produce information related to its members’ contributions by close of business Friday, Oct. 18.
Jul 15 2013
As required under Initiative 960, the Attorney General has sent written notice to the Secretary of State identifying legislation adopted in the 2013 legislative session that is subject to an advisory vote of the people under Initiative 960.