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Bob Ferguson

Dec 21 2012
SEATTLE – A powerful spam-sending application is attacking the most common smartphone operating system.
Aug 23 2012
The Washington State Attorney General’s Office is joining the Washington State Departments of Veterans Affairs and Revenue in warning consumers about phone solicitors posing as state agents for a senior property tax relief program.  
Jul 13 2012
 SEATTLE – The Washington State Attorney General’s Office is joining the Federal Trade Commission in warning consumers about a new scam targeting seniors. 
Jun 7 2012
SEATTLE – Vianna Engel was determined to hold on to her home. “If I lose my property, my elderly mother loses her home, too,” Engel this week explained to a staff member at the Attorney General’s Office. Her mom’s single-wide mobile home sits on Engel’s property in Rochester. “She took care of me and I’m not going to let this happen to her.”  
Feb 14 2012
SEATTLE – If history is any guide, scammers will surely try to take advantage of news of the largest consumer protection settlement in U.S. history.  
Sep 1 2006
TACOMA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today warned consumers to beware of mail indicating you’ve won a foreign lottery or sweepstakes. He asked bank tellers for their help in fighting counterfeit check scams.
Feb 17 1999
SEATTLE - February 17, 1999 - An Issaquah man who falsely claimed the proceeds from the sale of discount coupon books would be used to help local troubled and homeless youth, then used the funds to support himself and his own children, has been closed down by the Attorney General's Office.