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Bob Ferguson

Apr 16 2012
VANCOUVER – “I just started to accept that I was going to lose the house I raised my kids in – that I thought I’d spend my final years in,” Vancouver’s Jim Fleming explains.
Apr 9 2012
State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams
Apr 6 2012
SEATTLE – The record $25 billion dollar national mortgage servicing settlement over alleged widespread mortgage fraud, negotiated by Attorney General Rob McKenna along with 48 state attorneys general and the federal government, is now finalized by court order.
Feb 14 2012
SEATTLE – If history is any guide, scammers will surely try to take advantage of news of the largest consumer protection settlement in U.S. history.  
Feb 9 2012
SEATTLE – Nearly a year of intense negotiations over mortgage servicing and foreclosure abuses has resulted in the largest consumer financial protection settlement in U.S. history. Thousands of Washington state homeowners stand to benefit who have already lost their homes or are struggling with mortgages larger than the value of their property.
Dec 7 2011
State AGs say proposed federal law goes too farOLYMPIA – Attorney General McKenna today joined 53 other attorneys general in asking Congress to oppose legislation targeting consumers’ telephone privacy. 
Oct 26 2011
Urges homeowners to use non-profit, approved housing counselors instead SEATTLE - Attorney General Rob McKenna today reminded homeowners needing assistance to avoid companies selling “foreclosure rescue,” “securitization audits” and other home loan modification schemes. 
Sep 13 2011
SHORELINE – Proving once again its commitment to helping Washington homeowners avoid foreclosure, the Attorney General’s Office today provided an additional $550,000 to provide free housing counseling to distressed homeowners.
Aug 5 2011
SEATTLE – Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that his office is suing ReconTrust Company, a subsidiary of Bank of America, for conducting illegal foreclosures on thousands of Washington homeowners.
Jul 5 2011
SEATTLE – Programs to help Washington homeowners avoid foreclosure and improve the lives of mental health patients and those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases were recently awarded grants by the Attorney General’s Office.