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Bob Ferguson

Jan 10 2011
OLYMPIA – Five bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna are scheduled for public hearings this week.
Jan 3 2011
Bills to save money, foster open government and protect consumers receive bipartisan support OLYMPIA – Legislators from both parties joined Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today to announce proposals to save money, protect the vulnerable and make government more accountable.
Oct 18 2010
OLYMPIA – A former habitat biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has been fined for multiple violations of the Ethics in Public Service Act.
Jun 18 2010
 Doe v. Reed briefs celebrated; McKenna’s chief deputy receives Marvin Award SEATTLE – Four members of Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office have received prestigious national awards for their public service. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) held its summer meeting in Seattle this week. On Wednesday, officials presented awards to members of McKenna’s Solicitor General’s Office and to his chief deputy.
Apr 28 2010
 State government’s chief lawyer says court loss would invite ballot fraud WASHINGTON, DC – Laws granting access to government records are constitutional, and the public’s right to double-check election officials and signature gatherers should be upheld.
Apr 19 2010
Secretary of State Sam Reed will join Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna in Washington, DC, at the end of the month as McKenna argues his third US Supreme Court case, defending the constitutionality of Washington’s voter-approved public records law.
Feb 26 2010
 Attorney General-sponsored bills survive the committee process with overwhelming support OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna expressed his gratitude to state legislators today for allowing several AG-requested bills to be approved by key committees, setting the stage for final legislative approval.
Jan 25 2010
OLYMPIA — Families who have lost their homes due to an inability to pay their property taxes are being targeted by individuals who want to take the little money they have left after the foreclosure sale. Legislation proposed by the Attorney General’s Office aims to protect these families from scammers and help them keep as much of their money as possible.
Jan 15 2010
OLYMPIA–Attorney General Rob McKenna today issued the following statement on the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear Doe v. Reed, a case involving the release of Referendum 71 petitions containing the names and addresses of those who signed the measure.“This case involves a direct attack on public disclosure and transparency in elections. It affects not only all Washington state initiatives and referenda but also has major ramifications for every state with an initiative and referenda process and similar laws regarding public disclosure.
Jan 12 2010
 OLYMPIA – State Attorney General Rob McKenna wants state lawmakers to make it harder for government to seize private property under the guise of economic development or reducing blight, only to sell the confiscated real estate to private developers.