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Bob Ferguson

Jan 3 2011
Bills to save money, foster open government and protect consumers receive bipartisan support OLYMPIA – Legislators from both parties joined Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today to announce proposals to save money, protect the vulnerable and make government more accountable.
Nov 15 2010
YAKIMA – Speaking in a neighborhood often touched by gang crimes, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced a new proposal to combat gang violence.
Jun 10 2010
 Penalties for repeat domestic abusers, restriction on child pornography among bills proposed by McKennaOLYMPIA – Five laws proposed by Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna during the 2010 Legislative Session become effective today.
Feb 26 2010
 Attorney General-sponsored bills survive the committee process with overwhelming support OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna expressed his gratitude to state legislators today for allowing several AG-requested bills to be approved by key committees, setting the stage for final legislative approval.
Jan 25 2010
OLYMPIA — Families who have lost their homes due to an inability to pay their property taxes are being targeted by individuals who want to take the little money they have left after the foreclosure sale. Legislation proposed by the Attorney General’s Office aims to protect these families from scammers and help them keep as much of their money as possible.
Jan 4 2010
 Bipartisan group of legislators join McKenna’s call to get tough on domestic abusers, criminals who exploit children or seniors  OLYMPIA — When shocking crimes are committed by repeat offenders, members of the public often ask elected officials why they didn’t do more to keep those criminals off the streets.
Apr 24 2009
State attorneys general warned federal officials years ago that there would be consequences for paying insufficient attention to meaningful consumer protection, particularly related to predatory lending practices. Only now, with record numbers of mortgages in default and the economy in crisis, do officials in the other Washington seem willing to listen.
Jun 11 2008
OLYMPIA – New laws requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna dealing with mortgage foreclosure schemes, identity theft, spyware and third-party marketing of cell phone numbers will go into effect on Thursday.
Jun 6 2008
SEATTLE, WA - El 12 de junio entra en vigor una nueva ley estatal cuyo objeto es brindar protección a aquellas personas que han sido afectadas por la crisis hipotecaria que ha sufrido el país. Con el motivo de proteger a aquellas personas que enfrentan la ejecución de una hipoteca, le lay establece nuevos requisitos y responsabilidades a los individuos que intentan ayudar y asesorar a los deudores hipotecarios para evitar la perdida de su propiedad.
Jun 6 2008
A new state law to help protect financially strapped homeowners from equity skimming and foreclosure rescue scams in Washington goes into effect on June 12.  The new law provides safeguards for people trying to stop the loss of their home and requires new disclosures and responsibilities for individuals claiming to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.