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Feb 26 2008
OLYMPIA…The Senate Consumer Protection and Housing Committee this week will hear two consumer protection bills supported or requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna. In addition, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing to listen to testimony on an eminent domain bill requested by McKenna.
Feb 20 2008
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that several of his legislative priorities have survived the Feb. 19 legislative cut-off for bills to pass from their house of origin.
Feb 19 2008
OLYMPIA – The Legislature has scheduled public hearings for four measures requested or supported by Attorney General Rob McKenna on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Feb 12 2008
OLYMPIA – As the Washington Legislature moves toward today’s committee cut-off, the bulk of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s priority bills remain alive and moving forward.
Jan 28 2008
OLYMPIA – Five bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna are scheduled for public hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The bills would help keep cell phone numbers private, make it a crime to view child pornography, allow non-commissioned police personnel to assist in child pornography investigations, remove the limit on ethics board penalties and costs and protect consumers from spyware.
Jan 24 2008
OLYMPIA – Two bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna that would protect Washington residents from mortgage foreclosure scams and make it easier to prosecute identity theft cases are scheduled for public hearings on Friday, Jan. 25.
Jan 22 2008
The House Judiciary Committee will hear two government accountability bills tomorrow aimed at protecting landowners from losing their property to condemnation.
Jan 21 2008
OLYMPIA – Four bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna to protect Washington consumers have bipartisan support and will be heard early this week by members of the state House of Representatives. “We’re asking for laws that would give prosecutors and victims new tools to fight identity theft, prevent homeowners facing foreclosure from falling prey to cons and allow the Attorney General’s Office to continue punishing spyware purveyors,” McKenna said.
Jan 3 2008
Attorney General Rob McKenna today released his 2008 legislative agenda, incorporating the work of a myriad of task forces and work groups into a solid group of community safety, consumer protection and government accountability initiatives.
Jul 20 2007
OLYMPIA - New laws requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna dealing with eminent domain notice, increase domestic violence penalties, establish an anti-gang workgroup, protect seniors and establish a Sunshine Committee for public records will go into effect on Sunday.